[Info] New Japan single [ARIGATOU] release date


SE7EN will release Japan single [ありがとう] (Arigatou – Thank You) as the last song before enlistment.

According to YGEX,  SE7EN’s new Japan single [ARIGATOU] is a sad ballad song, written by Se7en himself. It contains a message “Thank you for love and good memories that you give me” which is a message from SE7EN to Lucky Se7en.

[ARIGATOU] BOX SET (price: 7,700 Yen) will be on sale on 20 March 2013


It contains:


CD 3 tracks:

01.ありがとう [ARIGATOU]



DVD interview+making 10 mins


And according to Twitter @se7enupdates single [ARIGATOU] will be released on iTunes Japan and other Japan music websites on 6 February 2013.


Se7en to release final single in Japan before enlisting in military


With his enlistment into the South Korean military approaching, solo artist Se7en will be bidding adieu to his Japanese fans with a final Japanese single release, titled “Arigato“.

According to his official Japanese website, his new single will be a thank-you to his Japanese fans, and the lyrics were written by Se7en himself. The release is scheduled for March 20th.

In addition to the new single release, the soloist will be embarking on a final series of concerts in Japan as well before his mandatory military service.

Credit: http://www.allkpop.com/2013/01/se7en-to-release-final-single-in-japan-before-enlisting-in-military

[Info] Download SE7EN 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN 〜SE7EN THE BEST from iTunes Japan (audio)


You can download SE7EN 2012 JAPAN CONCERT – SE7EN THE BEST album (audio)  from iTunes Japan now >> https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/se7en-2012-concert-in-japan/id594378107 and wish YGEX will release this album worldwide very soon.

This album contains 24 tracks:


2. I wanna… – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.




6. Last of Diary – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.

7. UNDERSTAND 〜今さら〜 – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.



10. 君だけに (Kimidakeni) – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.

11. Forever – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.

12. Entrance – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.

13. ANGEL – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.

14. STYLE – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.


16. 僕が歌えなくても (Boku ga Utaenakute mo)- 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.

17. 会いたい(Aitai) – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.


19. LA LA LA – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.

20. I KNOW feat. TEDDY – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.


22. 光 (Hikari) – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.

23. スタートライン (Start line) – 2012 CONCERT IN JAPAN ver.

24. Entrance (DOUBLE ENCORE) – 2012

Thanks: @se7enupdates twitter for the info

[News] Se7en Participates in Charity Dinner Concert

Se7en Participates in Charity Dinner Concert

On October 24, he tweeted, “Today at a charity event, I donated Se7en’s talent. I also planted love for people who are living with discomfort. ^^ The weather is getting colder these days. Let’s make this winter where we can share warmth with the people struggling around us. ♥”

In the photo, Se7en is wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket, while standing in front of a sign that read, “22nd Planting Love Charity Dinner Concert.” At the bottom of the sign, it says the concert was to benefit children.

Meanwhile, Se7en has been performing at concerts in Japan. He recently brought his Yeolbong chicken restaurant to Japan as well.

Photo Credit: Se7en’s Twitter


[News] Se7en Brings His Yeolbong Chicken Restaurant to Japan

Se7en isn’t just a music artist in Japan now but a budding entrepreneur.

On October 15 and 16 in Osaka and Tokyo respectively, Se7en opened the first two of his Yeolbong Jjimdak restaurant franchise in Japan. Interest in Se7en’s restaurant was explosive as over 500 customers visited Se7en’s restaurants in Osaka and Tokyo on its first day of sales.

The restaurant′s extension marks a successful rise for Se7en who opened the Yeolbong Jjimdak a few years back in Gangnam Station in Seoul before opening some 10 more restaurants around Korea. The Osaka and Tokyo branch marks the first time the restaurant has opened abroad.

Even prior to the launching of the Osaka and Tokyo branch, Se7en’s restaurants in Korea showed popularity and interest from Japanese visitors with many even today making it a point to stop and try the dish during their visits to Korea.

Additionally, China is said to be interested in the restaurant as the restaurant contemplates extending its reach to the Middle Kingdom as well.

From enewsworld + korea tourism site

[News] Se7en thanks everyone for the warm reception in Taiwan


Se7en held the ‘Se7en Taiwan Loving Tour’ recently and after the fan meeting, he went to celebrate with staff at a restaurant. Fans also followed and the restaurant was packed with people.

Se7en himself is a food lover and is interested in all kinds of different food, especially chicken dishes. The restaurant especially made the food spicier and richer in taste just for Se7en which increased his appetite. He ate extra rice and said “This taste is very special, very different from Korean food!”

The restaurant prepared extra dishes for him especially, including date and red bean buns with a ’7′ on them,and a sweet melon cup (the one in the photo) with the word ‘seven’ stuck on it in crystals which made him very happy.

Fans were seated outside the VIP room and screamed when they saw Se7en as well as taking photos with the dancers who passed by. After the meal, Se7en and the staff had a private schedule before returning to the hotel.

On the morning he was leaving, he packed his bags with his manager and discussed the gifts which his fans gave him including Taiwan specialties Kinmen Kaoliang liquor, walnut cupcakes. For this trip, fans also prepared cup noodles and snacks from Korea and Taiwan for him to eat when he wanted to. Se7en packed everything he had not eaten and took the fans’ love with him back to Korea.

He arrived at Terminal 1 at the Taoyuan airport to return to Korea and at the airport, 30 or so fans were waiting to say goodbye to him. While he was waiting for check in procedures, he stood at the entrance to customs to say goodbye and wave to fans.

Se7en smiled happily and is very satisfied with his trip to Taiwan this time. He asked MK entertainment to tell everyone that “Thank you to everyone for your warm reception and I’ll be back to see everyone if there is an opportunity!”


translated by cecilia

[News] Se7en transforms into comedian in Taiwan

Korean star Se7en has not been to Taiwan for 6 years and at his first appearance, he transforms into a comedian. Yesterday at the press conference, he was on a high and took big bites of the egg yolk moon cake, saying it tasted like Peking duck, and even forced the host to eat. He said he wanted to have a french kiss with a fan and even pretended to pick the ‘lucky one’ from the audience below, making everyone double over in laughter. He said nervously afterwards “I’m not like this in Korea.”

27 year old Se7en has not been to Taiwan since the Golden Melody Awards six years ago when he was a performing guest. When he arrived in Taiwan for his 4th visit yesterday, over a hundred fans welcomed him at the airport. He greeted the fans warmly and signed autographs for them.

Yesterday during the press conference, he showed off his humour and said that the egg yolk moon cake tasted like Peking duck and that the 5-grain moon cake had a coffee taste, making everyone burst into laughter. Fans kept making heart shape signs with their hands and he said he would not mind having a French kiss with them. He nearly even jumped off the stage but stopped and said “I’m sorry” in Chinese.

6 years ago he tasted stinky tofu in Taiwan and at the mention of the word ‘stinky’, he used his hand exaggeratedly to make a stinking motion and used chinese to say “Very stinky! very stinky! Can’t eat this!”

He will be performing at the ATT Show box at 6:30 tonight. Tickets can be purchased at the venue.


Translation by Cecilia

[News] Se7en holds concert in Japan after 5 years: “Here is a chance for a new start”

Korean solo singer Se7en, held his first solo concert in 5 years at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A on the 16th September.


Jumping out onto the stage, Se7en appeared grandly and started the concert with dance tracks “Crazy”, “I wanna”. Fans who had waited anxiously for 5 years replied with loud cheers. Amidst the heated atmosphere, Se7en greeted his fans warmly with “konni konni”. “It’s been a long time. This is my first concert in 5 years and I’m very happy. Thank you to all my fans who waited for me.”

He continued to heat up the concert hall with “Better Together” and “Digital Bounce”. He released a best hits compilation album “Se7en the Best” on the 5th which included songs released in Korea and Japan such as “Love Again” (released April 2012), 2nd single “Style” (released May 2005), “Passion” (released July 2004). He performed these songs at the concert with the accompaniment of a live band.

True to his words “I am so happy that I am having this concert”, he showed that he was enjoying himself  on stage and his performance was not just a combination of his albums but a culmination of his life as an artist. He showed dynamic and impressive performances through his dance songs but also said “when I listen to the Japanese ballads, I want to meet everyone in Japan” with which he followed with his songs “Kimi dake ni” and “Aitai”, putting everyone in a trance. He then said “Although I might want to sing this song, this may be the last time in my life I show this..” and sang “Entrance” where he did the heart dance – cute dance where he shakes his hips and makes a heart with his hands.

He continued, “This song is the song which created the Se7en today, so please sing it together with me.” With that, he sang “Come back to me”. He pointed the mic to the fans who sang back at him and he showed a satisfied smile. As the encore, he appeared in the audience with a pink chilbong to sing debut song “Hikari”. To the fans’ excitement, he replied with a smile “I really enjoyed the time I spent with everyone. This may be a good memory. Because I will work even harder, please continue to cheer me on!”

“This is not the last but a new start. I think this is a chance. I want to continue to sing with everyone for a long time and I want to meet everyone again.” With this, he ended the concert with “Startline”. This was followed by an unplanned 2nd encore – “This moment I will treasure and I treasure everyone as well.” He sang “Entrance” again and left the stage with a smile.

Also on this day, Gummy appeared as a special guest where she sang “If I ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys with Se7en. D-lite from Big Bang was also seen in the audience.


Translated by Cecilia

[News] Se7en holds concert in Japan after 5 years gathering 5000 fans


Pioneer of the Hallyru wave, Kpop artist Se7en, who released his first best hits compilation album this month, held solo concert “Se7en 2012 concert in Japan: Se7en the best” on the 16th for the first time in 5 years in Japan. After fans battled to get tickets, 5000 fans gathered together for a night with Se7en filled with touching performances where 27 songs were performed with two encores.

It had been 5 years since his last concert which was held 7th July 2007 and fans waited anxiously. The concert started with the powerful dance track ‘Crazy’ as Se7en jumped out onto the stage in silver and red clothes. The concert hall shook from the screams from the fans as Se7en continued to perform “Better Together”, “Digital Bounce”, showing off his charisma. He then sang pop style songs “Love Again” and “Entrance”, heating up the atmosphere but showed his serious side and singing ability by performing such songs as “Last of Diary”, “I’ll be good to you (잘할게) and “Aitai”. Gummy was his special guest which he sang Alicia Keys’ “If I ain’t got you” with.

Towards the end of the concert, he sang “I know (난 알아요)” followed by “Passion” and made the audience move with him. In this heated atmosphere, he appeared in the audience with his debut song “Hikari”. Lastly, he said “this is not the end but a start” and sang “Startline”. With such a touching performance, fans cried for a second encore and Se7en appeared again singing “Entrance” again, ending a concert which lasted 2 and a half hours.

This was the touching concert which fans had waited so much for 5 years. As someone who built the foundations of the Kpop wave now, he showed a more powerful appearance compared to 5 years ago during this perfect performance. During the concert, he said “this concert may become a good memory” and indeed, his performance left a deep impression and touched all the fans who attended. Having been active in America and Japan, this concert was possible because it was him and we hope to relive this concert via DVD soon.


Translated by Cecilia

[News] Se7en wants to drink bubble tea in Taiwan again

The fan meeting tickets for Korean singer Se7en started selling yesterday (6th Sept). To Se7en who has not visited Taiwan for 6 years, he looks forward to taking photos with fans, going to the Taiwanese night markets for food, and visiting the Jiufen old street to drink tea.

At the fan meet, he will be singing ‘Come back to me’ as well as his many hits, making it almost like a concert. Last week he revealed photos of himself in the practice studio on twitter.

He has been to Taiwan a few times and remembers the passionate Taiwanese fans. Their support gave him lots of strength when he was still a newcomer. At the fan meet, besides interacting with fans at a close distance, he himself suggested to take photos with all fans which made the organisers very touched.

When Se7en came to Taiwan in the past, he visited the night markets with staff and tried many Taiwanese snacks and food. “I really miss the experience of walking freely at the markets and enjoying eating different foods.” Foods that he wants to eat the most include  Xiao long bao, pineapple cake and bubble tea/pearl milk tea. The active Se7en is not afraid of putting on weight and says that “I will eat to my heart’s content before returning to Korea.”

Se7en also said that when the Korean drama ‘On Air’ which was partly filmed in Taiwan, was broadcasting in Korea, he would watch it whenever he had time. “There is a famous place in the series called ‘Jiu fen’ where the red lights come on in the evening. There are lots of snacks alot the streets and I want to experience drinking tea by the countryside and looking out at the night sky.” He says if he has time this trip, he wants to visit Jiufen.

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Translation by Cecilia

[News]Se7en to visit Taiwan with ‘Loving Tour’

Korean star Se7en will be coming to Taiwan for the first time in 6 years. Through his ’2012 Taiwan Loving Tour’, he will be meeting fans in a fan meeting on the 23rd September at the ATT Show Box in Taipei. With this ‘Loving Tour’, he will show fans how much he loves Taiwan.

It has been nearly 10 years since his debut in 2003 and he plans to sing 7 songs at the fan meeting including his debut hit ‘Come back to me’. He said he wants to sing this song the most to Taiwanese fans as this song means alot to him since it made him famous.

One feature of the fan meeting will be that he will be taking individual photos with each fan, no matter how many fans come. He will also be preparing some small gifts to give to fans through lucky draw at the fan meeting. In order to show his gratitude for fans’ support and love, he said “Fans have given me so much love, so in order to be able to communicate with them a bit better, I’m learning Chinese bit by bit. Hopefully in the future, I can communicate with them more freely.”

Source: ET today.net华视新闻网 via hello7.cn

Translated by Cecilia