[Important]What YOU can do as an overseas fan to help Se7en (2)

Before I go into details on how to stream online for soribada and SBS, I have just realised that foreigners can also sign up for MNET. If you already have an account with Mnet that’s great, if not you can try to sign up. I have an account from years ago (when I voted for him at the MKMF awards) so I’m ok but I did try to sign up again just to see but I got stuck at the email verification step, as the email never came. You guys can give it a go and see if it’s just my email address that’s playing up.


(1) To join Mnet, go to https://newmember.mnet.com/Registration/MbrJoinGate.asp

(2) Click on the button under “Foreigner” (If you are living in Korea, choose Foreigner resident)

(3) Check all 3 boxes to agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click Save

(4) For overseas fans residing overseas, just fill in the form and try to get an email verification. If you are living in Korea, you will firstly need to fill in your name, then you foreigner ID.

Good Luck!!

Now let’s get down to business! First of all…


So now you’ve got your account. If you have successfully signed up with soribada, you should receive an email that looks like this.

Now, what do you do with it? For K Chart, the number of times the song has been streamed or downloaded counts towards their point system (50% each). There are 2 ways we can help se7en accumulate points (1) Stream his songs for free on the site or (2) Buy a download card and download the songs, which also enables you to stream the full songs as well.

So here are the steps.. Please read and follow carefully and ask if you have any queries because if it’s not done correctly, then it wont count!

Online streaming instructions

Before you start streaming, you must firstly buy a streaming coupon which is only for 3300 won (approx US$3). Go here for instructions how to buy a streaming only coupon. If you dont mind spending a bit more and would to get a download + streaming coupon, please scroll down for the download instructions.

(1) Go to http://www.soribada.com/#/Music/Album/?TID=KE0000624

(2) Login from the link on the top right hand corner

(3) After logging in, click on the “+” sign next to “Better Together”, then choose the first option you see “현재 재생목록에 추가” to add the song to your playlist.

(4) It will automatically start playing the song. Repeat step 3 as many times as you like as there is no limit on soribada how many times you can listen a day. But IMPORTANT NOTE – do NOT mute, do NOT put on repeat, and do NOT just play the song from the mp3 you’ve downloaded (if you have chosen to buy a download). You  can turn your speakers off but do not mute the player. You can add the same song 1000 times but dont just add the song once and put it on repeat.

If you stop your player or go away from the page. You will need to clear your playlist, then log out and log back in and start again

Download instructions

(1) Go to http://www.soribada.com/foreigner/index.php

(2) Login with your ID and password

(3) Choose whether you want to get Smart music card or Premium music card

(4) Enter your ID and password again, then enter your email address twice and click confirm

(5) Make sure the details are correct, then click Buy

(6) There will be a pop up window – choose international credit card, then enter cardholder’s name. Click confirm

(7) Enter your credit card details and click Buy. The payment details will be sent to your nominated email address.

(8) After you have bought the music card, you will be able to stream the songs fully and download the songs. Go back to the album page and click the button as shown below to download the song.

Please note that each ID can only download the song once a day!



44 thoughts on “[Important]What YOU can do as an overseas fan to help Se7en (2)

    • u need to put your email address there, then click verification, then you should receive an email from mnet with a number which you put in the part beneath
      However I have not received the email, but i’m not sure if it’s the system problem or my email problem
      you can give it a try and see if it works

    • u can help by streaming Better Together using the Mnet Player (note, not the AOD player)
      there are so things to watch out for though, like u can only play the same song 50 times a day and no more than 2 times in a row
      i will be putting up more detailed instructions/tutorial in maybe a few hrs

      • I’m listening to the whole album on Mnet player on repeat. They’re just previews tho. It still counts right?

      • i need to get this tutorial up soon huh
        repeat wont count
        need to add the song multiple times on Mnet
        and no more than twice in a row
        so put Better together twice on ur Mnet player then another track in the album, then Better together twice again and so on
        Mnet allows u to stream the song up to 50 times daily

      • i tried again and got the e mail for mnet!!!!

        actually, i found the email. it showed in spam like 10 minutes after i clicked on certification. you have to wait for maybe 10 minutes and the check the spam folder of your email. it should have the sender titled, ” Mnet Master” or have the subject, “Mnet.com Confirmation Mail”.

  1. On Soribada … if I add the whole CD onto my playlist and keep playing it, but not on repeat, does that still count?

    • then each song u’ve got on the playlist will count once only
      you need to add the song multiple times
      and at the moment, it’s better to concentrate on Better Together because that’s the title song

  2. are you sure we can do this multiple times and it will count?

    don’t they have IP tracking? i know some systems won’t count it even though you try to stream it continuously like you described due to having the same IP address.

    • yes on soribada it will count, they count the number of times a song has been added to a playlist
      that’s why u have to add it multiple times
      it’s not about the IP
      Dont worry these instructions have been translated from the strict guidelines from farineli

  3. Weird. I think it’s a system problem I also did not received the email with the authentication number.

    Cecilia, have you emailed them? Wondered what they’ve to say.
    Hope they can resolve it quickly.

    • i finally got an email back from them
      they tell me the system is up and running and to try again
      i know many have not received the email but also heard from someone that it worked with a hanmail email address (that didnt work for me though)
      so maybe try another email address??
      I seriously dont know what is wrong with their system><

      • Thanks Cecilia. You’ve been a great help. How I wished I can read Hangul and help you in anything.

        Anyway, I’m a bit confused. Do I need to login and logout after I’ve clicked on the + sign. Or can I stayed login and clicked + sign multiple times. I need to know if I’m doing right so I can at least help Se7en.

  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial Cecilia!! For ref.I received the authentic no. and it went straight to my spam folder so check there if you don’t see it in your inbox!

    Help: For some reason I can’t register because of the password that I have TT I’ve tried changing it up but it still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  5. i tried again and got the e mail for mnet!!!!

    actually, i found the email. it showed in spam like 10 minutes after i clicked on certification. you have to wait for maybe 10 minutes and the check the spam folder of your email. it should have the sender titled, ” Mnet Master” or have the subject, “Mnet.com Confirmation Mail”.

      • yeah
        i filled out everything but it still doesn’t work
        i guess its just my computer
        i’ll try some other time
        thanx so much for the tutorials and help

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  7. cecilia, ive been doing it the wrong way coz i had BT on loop
    not in some playlist
    but im trying to create the playlist now but it doesnt work. i keep clicking the + sign and the first button on the pop-up but it doesnt add to my playlist 😦

  8. Hi cecilia! i’m here to bother you again lol
    When trying to register on Mnet i didn’t find my country so i put France since it’s the closest, is it okay?

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