[Important]What YOU can do as an overseas fan to help Se7en(5)

So SBS has finally put it up on their site!!Hooray.. however as far as I know, songs are not eligible for Take 7 for the first week they are released so that’s why it’s not on the Hot 100 and Korean fans dont seem to be streaming it atm (DO stream Mnet though!! only few days left til Mcountdown!)

But here’s the tutorial for SBS anyway


Strongly recommend to do this in Internet Explorer

(1) Go to http://music.sbs.co.kr/detail/album_detail.jsp?album_uid=054527. Login by clicking the little button on the top left hand corner

(2) Enter your details

(3) Click on the speaker icon for Better Together to stream the song (you can also click on the TV icon next to the song name to watch the MV)

(4) A new pop up window should appear. If this is your first time using the SBS  music player you will be prompted to install it. It takes at least 3-4 ok’s before the program is installed but eventually the song will load and you may get this

Click allow. It may come up more than once and will come up again next time you try to load the player even if you have installed the program.

(5) After all this, the 1 min trial listening should start

NOTE: With SBS it is quite simple, each ID only needs to listen once a day. So just make sure you do this once a day! Only takes a few minutes! If you have problems loading the player, try to give it more time as it can take a bit longer for it to load when you are first installing it. If it still doesnt work, close your browser and login again to try.

Translated by Cecilia


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