110321/22 New Tweets

(1) @dajung_91 다정양~ 생일축하해요^^ 좋은밤 보내요!! 럭세화이팅!!!

Translation: Da Jung~ Happy birthday^^ Have a good night!! Lucky se7en fighting!!

(2) @Eunsun7 은선양~ 스물한번째 생일 축하해요!! 좋은하루 보내요 나도 오늘 좋은하루^^

Translation: Eun sun~ happy 21st birthday!! Have a good day~And a good day to me too^^ [He’s referring to his 8th ‘birthday’ (anniversary)]

(3) 2003년3월22일~오늘 세븐 데뷔 8주년!!! 벌써 9년차가수지만 마음만은 항상 신인같은 순수한(?)^^ 저를 아껴주시고 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다!! 앞으로도 더 좋은음악 멋진무대 약속합니다!! 축하해주신 모든분들 감사합니다!! 사랑합니다!!^^

Translation: 22nd March 2003~ Today is se7en’s 8th debut anniversary!! Although I’m a singer in my 9th year thank you for loving and treasuring me, who at least in terms of mindset is always pure (?)^^ like a newcomer!! I promise that in the future I will bring you better music and cool performances!! Thank you to everyone who congratulated me! I love you!!^^

(4) nanaj2: @officialse7en 추카추카 가로수열봉에서 식사중 ^0^

Translation: Congrats congrats I’m eating at garosu Yeolbong now ^o^

officialse7en: @nanaj2 thanks bro!!! 싱가폴 같이 가야하는데…^^

Translation: thanks bro!! We have to go to singapore together..^^

(5) I wanna thank you all who congratulate on my 8th year. I promise that I’m coming back with great songs and shows to you.Xie Xie~ kokunkap^^

(6) みなさん ありがとう!! ぼく もっと かんばります!! 日本の みなさんも がんばって ください!!! はやく あいたいです!! あいしてます!!!

Translation: Thank you everyone! I will work harder! Everyone in Japan fighting! I want to see you guys too! I love you [ japanese to chinese trans thx to se7en’s baidu bar]

(7) HitechMain: @officialse7en 형님 진심을다해축하드려용><

Translation: Hyungnim I sincerely congratulate you ><

officialse7en: @HitechMain thanks bruh!!!^^

(8) lullabykiz: 8th Anniversary Congratulation~!! to @officialse7en 아빠~ 기념일 축하 해요 ^^ 사랑해~아빠

Translation: 8th Anniversary Congratulation~!! to @officialse7en Appa~ [note: appa means dad] congratulations for the anniversary^^ I love you appa

officialse7en: @lullabykiz haha~ im not yo father!! Not 아빠.. Its “오빠” thank u anywayz~

Translation: haha~ im not yo father! Not appa..Its ‘oppa’ thank u anywayz

(9) @choisujung 수정양~ 생일 미리 축하해요~ 내일 아주 좋은하루 보내길 바래요^^ happy bday!!!

Translation: Soo jung~ Happy birthday in advance~I hope you have a very good day tomorrow^^ happy bday!!!

(10) kasabianskc: @officialse7en 벌써8년이야!? 우화아~!! 대박! 앞으로도 멋지게 잘해보자!! 축하해~

Translation:  Is it already 8 years!? Wow~!! Daebak!! Let’s work together coolly in the future together!!Congrats~

officialse7en: @kasabianskc okay!!! Lets do it!!! 고고씽!!!^^

Translation:  okay!!! Lets do it!!! Go go go!!!^^

(11) mingkki21:@officialse7en 우와~!!!오빠 18년이 됐든 28년이됐든 몇년이 됐든 간에 계속 이렇게 멋지고, 아름다운 선배님+오빠로 남아주세요~^^

Translation: Wah~!! No matter when it becomes 18 years or 28 years, please continue to stay a cool, beautiful sun bae + oppa~^^

officialse7en: mingkki21 땡큐~ 그러자꾸나!!! 밍끼도 지금처럼 항상 이쁜 동생으로 남아주세요^^

Translation: Thank you~ Let’s do that!! Mingkki , please also continue to be a beautiful dongsaeng like you are now^^

(12) WAWASOUL: @officialse7en 카~ 수퍼스타!! 벌써 구년째야??!!? 고등학생때첨봤는데 ㅋㅋㅋ 추카한다~ 앞으로 31년더 쭉~욱!!!

Translation: Kyaaa~ Superstar!! It’s already 9 years??!!? I saw you first when you were in high school kekeke~ congrats~ continue for the next 31 years!!

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL 난 고등학생때 형 기억안나ㅋㅋㅋ 근데 나 40년만 하고 은퇴해?! 쫌만 더 하믄 안되나!!??

Translation: I dont remember hyung from high school days keke~ So i’m to retire after only 40 years?! Cant I continue for a bit longer than that?

(13) Hwangssabu: @officialse7en 우와~~축하축하~^^ 항상 건강하자!^^ http://t.co/ofuv6VF

Translation: Wah~~congrats~^^ Let’s be healthy always!^^

officialse7en: @Hwangssabu 하하^^ 조만간 운동하러 가겠슴돠!!! Thank u sirrr!!!

Translation: Ha ha^^ I will go work out soon!! Thank u sirrr!!!

(14) jhs7987: @officialse7en 최강동안순수미남가수 세븐♡_♡ 오빠!!!! 정말 축하드려요~~ 앞으로도 쭈~욱 멋진가수 다정한오빠로 저의곁에 후후^^~ 전 럭.세♬ 오늘 의미있고 즐거운 하루 되세용+_+

Translation: The best-babyface-pure-flower boy- singer se7en♡_♡ Oppa!!! Really congratulate you~~Please stay as the cool singer kind oppa next to me huhu^^~I’m a lucky se7en~ Have a meaningful and enjoyable day today+_+

officialse7en: @jhs7987 고마왕^^ 앞으로 더 잘해보자꾸나!!! 오엘두 홧팅!!!! ㅋ

Translation: Thank you^^ Let’s continue to work hard together!! Fighting to you too OL!!ke

(15) BoA_1105: @officialse7en 축하축하!! 우리가 첨 봤을때 고등학생였지?! ㅋㅋ ㅎㅎ오빠 너무 축하하고 앞으로도 멋진모습 기대할께잉^^

Translation: Congrats!!We first met in high school didnt we?! keke hehe Oppa, congratulations and I’ll be watching out for your cool appearance^^

officialse7en: @BoA_1105 흠… 그러게 시간 참 빠르지?? 더 멋진 활동하자구!! 너두 힘내구 화이팅!!! 땡큐^^

Translation: Hmm.. that’s right, times passes quickly doesnt it?? Let’s continue to show cool performances/activities!! Gather strength and fighting to you too!! thank you^^

(16) Sj861117sj: @officialse7en 옵하추카드려요>_<

Translation: Oppa congratulations >_<

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj 고맙다 토 ㅋ

Translation: Thank you

(17) wowokhy: @officialse7en 오빠 !왕왕 축하드려요~! 같은팀으로써 팬으로써 계속응원하겠습니다~~>0<!!!축하드려용!!!!짱짱!

Translation: Oppa! Super congrats~! As a member of the same team, and as a fan, I will continue to cheer you on~>o<!!! Congratulations!!!Jjang jjang!

officialse7en: @wowokhy ^^ thank u!!! 다같이 화이팅~

Translation: ^^ thank you!!! Let’s fighting altogether~

(18) Melody323232: @officialse7en 와~너두 벌써 9년차!? 추카추카해~ 기념?으루 가로수열봉에서 맛나게 찜닭시식ㅋ 자주 나오고싶지만 내겐 쉽지 않은걸음 또먹고싶당~~

Translation: Wah~ You’re also in your 9th year!? Congrats~As an anniversary ? I will go to Yeolbong at garosu and try the steam chicken deliciously keke~I want to come out often but it’s not easy for me~I want to eat again~~

officialse7en: @Melody323232 ^^ 땡큐땡큐~ c ya!!

Translation: ^^ Thank you thank you~ cya!!

(19) WAWASOUL: @officialse7en @boa_1105 니네둘이뭐야.. 가식적인대화는?ㅋ 그냥 평소 하던대루해~!!! ㅋ

Translation: What’s up with you two…and this fake conversation? keke Just talk like you guys usually do~!!ke

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL 안돼… 그러다 욕나오면 안되자나…

Translation: Cant…because swear words might come out…


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