[Vids]110328 Thailand performance

by Se7enthailand

Thanks to oummy


5 thoughts on “[Vids]110328 Thailand performance

  1. Excuse me~ Cecilia!!
    I tried to search about se7en’s encore[세븐 응원법] but I found only Digital bounce & Better together.
    I didn’t see about old song’s encore in Korean fan bolg ^^’
    ‘n I try to listen from se7en’s perf but I don’t hear some word ^^~

    so I need help from you.
    please give me right se7en’s encore
    – I’m going crazy
    – LaLaLa
    – Come back to me
    – Passion
    – Nan Arayo
    Please answer for me if u can.
    I’ll post it on se7enthailand to training for Se7en’s showing in Bangkok
    Thank you so much ^____^

    • unfortunately, official fan chants are only something which started with this mini album so there are no fan chants for the songs u have listed (incl I’m going crazy)
      I guess the only thing you can make sure u do is during passion to count “1,2,3,4,5,6,7” and in nan arayo “S-E-V-E-N!” (i doubt he will sing this song anymore because the choreography is too much for him to take), the other songs, just make sure u guys know the lyrics so that if he points the mike at u, u can sing out loud

  2. ah~ Thank u so much for ans.
    I’ll tell to them ‘n make sure for lyrics. ^-^
    We’ll do our best. ^____^

    uhmm~ I heard from oummy that you’ll come to Thailand for watching Se7en’s show.
    Welcome to Bangkok~!!
    see you ^^

    Thank u so much again ^___^

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