110403-06 New Tweets

(1) jinuSEAN3000: Congrats@officialse7en: Wow!!! I won Best Asian Performance!!! At Singapore E Awards!!! Thank u all~~ love yall~ Holla~ http://t.co/dNGgRoh

officialse7en: @jinuSEAN3000 thank u sirrrrrr!!!!

(2) VanNessVanWu: @officialse7en Congrats brotha~ Keep it up!

officialse7en: @VanNessVanWu thanks man!!! Miss ya bruh!!! Keep it real!!! Holla~

(3) 한국도착!!! 아 근데 비행기에서 한숨도 못잤다ㅠㅠ 미국 다녀온것도 아닌데 밤낮이 바뀌게 생겼네… 켁 N e wayz Everybody Good morning!!! Hva great monday!!! Holla~

Translation: Arrived in Korea!! Ah but I wasnt able to sleep on the plane at all TT It’s not like I came back from the US but my night and day has been switched around.. N e wayz Everybody Good morning!!! Hva great monday!!! Holla~

(4) Jin_Akanishi: @officialse7en i havent seen u in forever whats goin on?

officialse7en: @Jin_Akanishi hey!! Wassup!!! How u doin bruh!!!!?? We need to catch up man!!!

Jin_Akanishi: @officialse7en im doin good~yea we should catch up someday soon~chyeaa

officialse7en: @Jin_Akanishi where u at tho!!!? US? Japan?

(5) nr4730: @officialse7en ㅋㅋ방금공항에서봤어요! 같은뱅기탄거같은데ㅋㅋ암튼멋있슴니당 ㅋㅋㅋ최고최고

Translation: keke I just saw you at the airport!!I think we were on the same plane keke~Anyway you looked cool keke~ the best the best

officialse7en: @nr4730 앗!! 나도 봤는데…^^ good morning!!!

Translation: Ah!!I saw you too…^^good morning!!

(6) @daeguLUCKYSE7EN 생일축하해 순경!!! 아주아주 좋은하루 보내길바래요^^ happy bday!!!!

Translation: Happy birthday Soon kyung!!I hope that you ahve a very very good day^^ happy bday!!!

(7) @doogi7 앗 현아양 생일축히해요!! 공부 열심히 하구~ 좋은하루보내요~ happy bday~

Translation: Ah hyun ah~happy birthday!! Study hard~have a good day~ happy bday~

(8) @SEsTwit 상은아~~~~!!!!!! 생일 축하해~~^^ 좋은꿈꾸길~

Translation: Sang eun ah~~~!!!Happy birthday^^ Have a good dream~

(9) @elaineoyt happy bday Elaine!!! Hva goood one!!! Holla~

(10) @giyomihanuri 한울~생일축하해요~!!! 좋은하루보내요^^

Translation: Han wool~happy birthday~!!!have a good day^^

(11) @6002theGammy sorry… I didnt see that… Happy bday anywayz!!! Hva good one!!! Holla~


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