110410-12 New Tweets

(1) @Lanoosan happy bday lanoo~~~ hva good one!!! Holla~~

(2) @diZisSARA happy bday Sara!!! Hope u Hva great day!!! Holla~

(3) @cakciboo 생일축하해요 나비라!!!^^ Hba gooood one!!!!

Translation: Happy birthday Nabira!!^^Hba good one!!!

(4) RinOkinawa: @officialse7en it was goooood! Masisosoyo! Thank u @ganzi78!!!!!! http://plixi.com/p/91234185

officialse7en: @RinOkinawa hahaha!!! Thanks!!! R u in korea?! Kooo~ hope to c ta sooon~ holla~

(5) BoA_1105: I can’t find out my room key.. Ahahhhhhh ;(

Jin_Akanishi: @BoA_1105 i have it~fufufu

BoA_1105: @Jin_Akanishi I’m sure you have it.. Bring it back to Toronto!!!! Hate you!!!

Jin_Akanishi:i threw it away from balcony with a cry so i dont kno where it is anymore bwahahahaha PS dont hate ppl that easy

BoA_1105: @Jin_Akanishi idiot..

Jin_Akanishi: @BoA_1105 agree.

officialse7en: @Jin_Akanishi @boa_1105 U guys r funny… Ha…

Jin_Akanishi: @officialse7en agree.

officialse7en: @BoA_1105 @Jin_Akanishi Miss u guys anywayz… Take care alwayz!!!

(6) @Hawaze happy bday!!! Hva gooooood day!!! Holla

(7) @ru7ru7 tanjobi omedeto!!! Happy bday!!! Hva great day!!! Ja ne~~~

(8) @KimGe021 happy bday kimge!!!! Hva gooood day!!! Holla~~

(9) @MiszGmah 생일축하해요 지마!!!^^ Hva gooood day!!! Holla~

Translation: Happy birthday Gmah!!!^^Hva gooood day!!! Holla~

(10) Now.. I can sleep…. Good job Choi… Tiger… Adam… It was good game today… 아이 졸려라… 좋은꿈꾸고싶은밤… 아니 아침……^^

Translation: Now.. I can sleep…. Good job Choi… Tiger… Adam… It was good game today… Ah I’m so sleepy.. A night where I want to have a good dream.. no it’s the morning..^^

(11) @Pjh79dancer 축하축하!!! Happy bday!!! 선물은 태국이랑 말레이시아 가서 쏩니다!!!^^

Translation: Congrats congrats!! happy bday!!I will buy your present when I got to Thailand or Malaysia!!^^

(12) あ………. また じしんか…. ㅠㅠ 日本の みなさん だいじょうぶですか?? しんぱいです…

Translation: (by noizumi) Ah… Another earthquake? ㅠㅠ Is everyone in Japan all right?? I’m worried..

(13) Pray for japan… RT“@Jin_Akanishi: pray for japan!!!”

(14) @DOMAFIVE happy bday doma!!! Hva gooooood one!!! Holla~

(15) @kentrokanti happy bday kanti!!! Hva great day~ holla~~

(16) Sj861117sj: 늘감사하며 RT @YOU_Hara 미래도 과거도 아닌 오늘. 오늘이라는 시간이 주어짐에 너무나도 감사하다 아주 사소한 그 작은일에도 그 모든일에도 하나님의 뜻이 있다는 걸 사랑합니다 나와 인연이 닿은 모든 사람들 감사합니다 나와 함께해준 모든 사람들

Translation: I am always thankful RT @YOU_Hara Not the future or the past but today. I am very thankful for this time called ‘today’ which we have been given. I love everything, even the small insignificant things which are all part of God’s will. Thank you to all the people whose fate is interwined with mine..everyone who is with me

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj “오늘”은 우리의 남은인생에서 “첫번째날” 이기에… “Today is the first day of the rest of our life” Remember this… Alwayz…

Translation: Because “Today” is the “first day” of the rest of our lives..”Today is the first day of the rest of our life” Remember this… Alwayz…

(17) @Kpopholic94 happy bday Amanda!!! Hva greaattt day!!! Holla~

(18) @supafunkboy happy bday bruh!!! 완전 행복한하루 보내숑숑숑!!!^^

Translation: happy bday bruh!!! Have a totally happy dayyyyy!!^^


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