110418-22 New Tweets

(1) willpan23: Tokyo we coming soon! What songs should i perform for my first show in Japan?

officialse7en: @willpan23 baby I like u like that!!!!! Haha… Jus kiddin….

[Note: Will Pan is the singer of the chinese remake of “Baby I like you like that”]

(2) @cherry4eva84 happy bday ma friend!!! Hope u hva grrreeeeaaatttt day!!! Holla~~~

cherry4ev84: @officialse7en ㅋㅋㅋ 고맙다 칭구^^ 조만간 얼굴보자규!!

Translation: kekek Thanks my friend^^Let’s meet up soon!!

officialse7en: @cherry4eva84 그래~ 촬영잘하구!! Good luck!! Holla~~

Translation: Sure~Good luck with the filming!!Good luck!! Holla~~

(3) jinuSEAN3000: ‘행복한 가정 만들기’란? 혼수와 예단 없이 그리고 축의금을 안 받고 반지 하나만 주고 받는 간결한 결혼식을 하고자 하는 이쁜 사랑 이야기를 가지고 있는 커플에게 제가 결혼식 비용 모두를 부담하고 이쁜 결혼식을 해주는 일입니다

Translation: For a simple wedding with the concept of “Creating a happy family” where there was no dowry or wedding presents [Note: the bride is supposed to give presents to groom’s family usually], where the couple did not receive any congratulatory money from guests but just an exchange of rings between the bride and groom, I paid for all the wedding expenses for this beautiful couple’s beautiful wedding.

officialse7en: @jinuSEAN3000 혼수는 없는데 그 반지가 막 3억짜리고 그러면 어떻하나요..?? ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: There’s no dowry but what if the ring is worth 300 million won? kekeke

(4) WAWASOUL: 용주형이보내준사진 4~5년전인거같은데 저때 참~잼났어^^ 사진속칭구들!!! 50년만더만납시다.. “청춘이 최고다~” http://t.co/SOCFSJS http://t.co/KarFFgy http://t.co/vOhB63E

Translation: The photos that Yongju hyung sent me seem to be from 4-5 years ago~it was quite fun back then^^All my friends in the photo!!Let’s meet for just another 50 years.. “Youth is the best~”

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL WOW!!! 어떤 대단한 무대였길래 댄서가 8명인거야…!!?? 요즘엔 4명도 많어 ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: WOW!!! What great performance was that that needed 8 dancers..!!?? Nowadays even 4 dancers is considered alot kekeke

WAWASOUL: @officialse7en 영화시상신이었던거같은데.. 어째뜬!!! 너랑 이재욱머리..;; 어떻게할꺼야? 둘다 사과해~

Translation: I think it was a movie award ceremony..Anyway!!!Your hair and Lee Jae Wook’s hair..what are you going to do about it?? You guys better apologise~

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL 참나… 누가할소리!!?? 내가 그때 형이랑 다니느라 창피했던거 생각하면.. -.-; 나 원…

Translation: Geez…who should be saying that!!?? If I think about the embarrassment I felt back then when I had to hang around hyung…-.-;I..

(5) @rnlni7 happy bday Ruin!!!! Hva gooood one!!! Holla~~

(6) @KUKUR9 8년묵은 팬님~ 생일 진심으로 축하합니다!! 딱 80년만 더 묵읍시다!!^^

Translation: 8th year fan-nim [Nim makes it honorific]~I wish you sincerely happy birthday!! Be my fan for just another 80 years!!^^

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