[News]110420 Se7en receives drama and movie offers

Singer Se7en is attracting attention with movie and drama offers he has been receiving.

According to a related person in the movie industry “Se7en is a strong candidate for the main role of a movie about the growth of a hiphop singer which is in the genre of comedy/drama.”

Se7en’s management company YG entertainment says “It’s true that there are some offers coming in for dramas and movies. But we plan to place efforts first and foremost on the new album which we are preparing for the 2nd half of this year. We are still considering carefully about acting.”

Original news source: osen, farineli

translation by cecilia


7 thoughts on “[News]110420 Se7en receives drama and movie offers

  1. album? new album? NEW ALBUM!!!! wahhh.. so excited…
    hoping that it’s a full one and a less-digital bounce mini-album.. i like his mini but didn’t love it like his previous albums..

    and here’s to hoping that YG and se7en himself got acting lessons.. his role in Goong S was cute.. but not..hmm.. not really good..but i still love that drama..

    and by the way… NEW ALBUM, YES!!! :]

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