[Photos]110423 Nikon Event x 50 photos

from Se7en dc gallery (by sonnim), Kyunga1015 @ farineli, news photos as shown on photo

Note: Due to layout of wordpress, i just added the whole gallery of photos in one go, make sure you click on all off them because amongst them there are about 10 photos or so which are super HD quality~~~

7 thoughts on “[Photos]110423 Nikon Event x 50 photos

  1. Oh.. he suc a cutie..
    and i like this better than his weight last promotion..
    here’s to hoping that he maintain this for the new album!!!
    his looks like when he started.. :] love it!!

  2. No wonder it took u so long last nite… There’s a lot!! Hahaha…
    Mr.Dongwookie is lookung so damn fine in those photos!! Thanx cecilia

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