110423-27 New Tweets

(1) 지금 코엑스에 계신분들!!! 니콘 매장으로 빨리 오세요~!! 우리 만납시다^^ http://t.co/NiyevBn

Translation: To everyone who’s at Coex now!!Hurry and come to the Nikon booth~!!Let’s meet^^

(2) 저의 짧은멘션 한마디가 받는분에게 평생 잊을수없는 생일선물이 된다면~ 그보다 기쁜일이 또 어딨겠어요^^ RT “@miyeon920: 왜 세븐님은 팬분들에게 생일축하한다고 멘션하시는컵니까 ?!”

Translation: If my short mention [on twitter] can become a lifetime unforgettable birthday present for the ones who receive them~there is nothing that makes me happier^^ RT @miyeon920: Who does Se7en-nim send birthday mentions to fans?

(3) @toOnngg happy bday Tong!!! Hva great day!!! Holla~

(4) @KpopMonster happy bday casey!!! Hva goood day!! Happy easter!!! Holla~

(5) AMEN!!! Happy easter!!! “@WGyenny: happy easter! [and surely i am with you always, to the very end of the age. matthew 28:20]”

WGyenny: @officialse7en 오빠도 크리스천이시구나 ㅋㅋ God bless u ~ 😉

Translation: Ah so oppa is also Christian keke~God bless u~:)

officialse7en; @WGyenny GOD bless u too!!! Hope u guys doin well~!!! 항상 힘내길바래^^ GO~ WG!!!

Translation: GOD bless u too!!! Hope u guys doin well~!!! Hope you are strong always^^ GO~ WG!!!

(6) @ft7501 마수미짱 탄죠비 오메데또우!!! Happy bday~!!! 쟈네~~

[He writes japanese with korean sounds so I dont know what it means >< It says something like this “Misumijjang tanjyobi omededowu!!Happy bday~!!Bye’]

(7) @echoi95 수민양~ 17번째 생일 축하해요^^ 좋은하루보내길!!!

Translation: Soomin~happy 17th birthday^^ hope you have a good day!!!

(8) @soda9667 생일축하해요 soda!!!^^ 좋은하루보내길 바래!!

Translation: Happy birthday soda!!!^^ Hope you have a good day!!!

(9) @yg67 유진씨 생일축하해요~ 좋은하루 보내길 바래요!! 항상 화이팅입니다^^

Translation: Yoojin ssi happy birthday~ Hope you have a good day!! Fighting always^^

(10) @yunsun18 윤선양~ 생일 완전축하!! 중간고사도 완전 대박나길 바래요~~^^

Translation: YoonSun~ Total happy birthday!! Hope you totally do well in your mid semester exams~~^^

(11) @lovely_Isabella oh happy bday Isabella~!! 좋은밤 보내요^^

Translation: oh happy bday Isabella~!! Have a good night^^

(12) Going 2 Thailand!!! W ma dance crew~~ C ya soon Bangkok!!! Holla~ http://t.co/rAv9aTt http://t.co/5mCwLdd

(13) Hva show in bangkok on 29th… And hva another show in Msia on 30th.. Wait fo me Msia!!! Be there sooon!!!

PS here’s another pic upped by @Jsmining


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