110430 – 110502 New Tweets

(1) Thank u Thailand!! I had good time w u guys!!! Ill c yall next week again!! Just came to Msia now~ wassup Msia!! Ill c u guys sooon!!!

(2) Msia!!! yesterday show was very good time w all of u guys~ thank u sooo much!! hope to see u sooon~ Saya cinta mu!!!

(3) 아 요즘은 비행기에서 잠을 잘 못잔다.. 또 한숨도 못잤네.. 동남아 다녀왔는데 밤낮이 바꼈다ㅠㅠ 태국-말레이시아 힘든 일정이였지만 즐거웠던 공연!!! 고마워 all my fans!!! Love yall~~~

Translation: Ah lately I cant sleep on the plane…I couldnt sleep again today…I’ve gone and come back from South East Asia but my night and day have been reversed TT Thailand-Malaysia was a difficult schedule but it was an enjoyable show!!!Thank you all my fans!!! Love yall~

eunhye0221: @officialse7en 세계일주를하는구나~~ㅎㅎ 좋겠당~~월드스타~~^^

Translation: Ah so you travelled around the world~~hehe good for you~~world star~~^^

officialse7en: @eunhye0221 이번주에 또 나가야돼.. 우앗!! 세계는 아니고 동남아 일주!!^^

Translation: I need to go again this week..wooahhh!!! It’s not around the world but around south east Asia!!^^

(4) jhs7987: @HitechMain 득이 모해 빨리 욱이오빠 쉬게하지 말고 디지털바운스 알려줘 빡세게 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 파이팅~*

Translation: What are you doing Deukie~Hurry and dont let Wookie oppa rest and show him Digital Bounce~with full force keke fighting~

HitechMain: @jhs7987 ㅋㅋ 지금 욱이형 최고에요누낭><

Translation: keke Wookie hyung is already the best. noona ><

officialse7en: @HitechMain 어떻게… 가능하겠니??^^

Translation: So…is that possible??^^

(5) @daehaeshin happy bday daehaeshin~!!! hva great day!!! Holla~

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