110503-05 New Tweets

(1) @Praew_Vira happy bday Vira!!! Hva goood day!!! Holla~

(2) @tbvjdkcla 응 수지양 럭세 8주년 축하해요~^^ 항상 화이팅!!!

Translation: Eung Sooji~Congratulations on being a lucky se7en for 8 years~^^Fighting always!!!

(3) @kibounhikari happy bday kibou!!! Tanjobi omedeto!!!! Hva great day!!! Ja ne~~

(4) @7o777a7o sorry… Happy bday anywayz!!! Did u see me in Msia??! Haha Hva good one!!!

(5) @chaerim0503 채림아~ 조금 늦었지만 생일 축하해요!!!^^ 좋은하루보내길!!! Holla~

Translation: Chaerim ah~Even though i’m a little late, happy birthday!!!^^ Hope you have a good day!!! Holla~

(6) @Real7NieLL yo~ happy bday!!! Hope u Hva goood one!!! Holla~

(7) joojoo92: @officialse7en 오빠 저도 5일지난 생일멘션좀..ㅋㅋ 4월29일날 못받은 생일멘샨좀.. 그럼걍1년기다렸다가 100개보내고 받을까요……?ㅋㅋ

Translation: Oppa please tweet me a belated birthday mention from 5 days ago..keke the birthdya mention which i didnt receive on the 29th April..Should i just wait 1 year and send you 100 mentions then receive ?keke

officialse7en: @joojoo92 친필축하멘트로는 부족한거니?^^ 암튼 늦었지만 생일 왕 축하!!!

Translation: Is my autograph birthday greeting not enough??^^ Anyway even though it’s late, super happy birthday!!!

(8) @noonarinda hey!! Happy bday!! Hope u Hva gooood day!!!! Holla~

(9) @GDsoRj 예슬양!! 생일축하해용~ 시험두 잘보구~ 이건 내 선물~ ^^

Translaiton: Yeseul!! Happy birthday~ Do well on your exams~This is my present~ ^^

(10) officialse7en: Ssulung man!!! “@VanNessVanWu: Chillin wit Fourteen! Get it… @officialse7en & Se7en equals… Haha I know ssulung!!! http://t.co/QnXzSyl”

[Note: Ssulung is a word which is used when someone tries to be funny but it’s not really that funny..the chinese equivalent is when someone says a joke is very ‘cold’]

(9) W ma man Wu!!!“@VanNessVanWu: @officialse7en restaurant is da bomb!!! Thanks for the spicy spicy***!!!! mashisoyo!!!! http://t.co/Qspx45D”

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