110616-23 New Tweets

(1) doublev89: @officialse7en 오왓 ㅋ 형 추카드려요 ㅋ 홍대에도 가야겠군용!

Translation: oo wahh keke hyung congratuluations keke~need to go to hongdae as well now!

officialse7en: @doublev89 그래~ 전화할게^^

Translation: cool~i’ll ring you^^

(2)MBLAQSH retweets the tweet about new Hongdae yeolbong branch

officialse7en: @MBLAQSH ^^ 연락해 밥묵자!!

Translation: ^^ contact me~let’s eat!

(3) ALLRiseME: @officialse7en oppa wish me happy Bday #10

officialse7en: @ALLRiseME happy bday!!! Hva goood day!!! Holla~

(4) @Sweet_IU happy bday 상림 (Sangrim)!!! Hope u hada good day!!

(5) @PelinPI happy bday Pelin!!! N goood luck fo yo exam!!! Holla~

(6) @saramoudi gooood luck 사라 (Sara)!!

(7) @lovelyfufu happy bday Fatmah~ hope u hva gooooood day!!! Holla~

(8) @Dindayu12 goood luck Dinda!!! No worries~ holla~

(9) @Rindaaa_ thanks~ 7777!!!! Goood~ hva nice day!!!

(10) @Janet990618 happy bday Teresa!!! Hva goood one!!! Holla~

(11) @rita19920619 happy bday Rita!!! Hva greatt day!!! Holla~

(12) @618tora happy bday Tora!!! Tanjobi omedeto~~~ hope u hda good day!!! Peace!!!

(13) ganzi78: 열봉사장님 ㅋㅋ http://instagr.am/p/F_3q2/

Translation: Yeolbong sajang nim keke

WAWASOUL: @ganzi78 대표님이라고 존칭안쓰냐..

Translation: Why are you not calling him dae pyo nim? [dae pyo nim means ‘representative’, it’s a higher status than sajang nim]

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL @ganzi78 이사장님 이실장으로 신분하락!!!

Translation: Lee sajangnim has been degraded to Lee shiljang nim!! [Lee sajangnim is referring to @ganzi78, and shiljang is a lower status than sajang]

(14) @Recklessgirl33 happy bday!!!! Hva greattt day!!! Holla~

(15) 열봉찜닭 홍대점 오픈임박!! 장소는 홍대명소 수노래방~ 바로 옆건물이라지요^^ 7월초! 맛있는 열봉이 찾아옵니다! 꼬끼오~!!!

Translation: Yeolbong steam chicken hongdae branch about to open!!The location is at the famous hongdae Soo noraebang [karaoke]~It’s the building right next to it^^ Beginning of July!Delicious Yeolbong is coming!! *chicken sound*~!!

(16) @YG_GDragon happy bday HYM!!! hva good day~ holla!!

(17) @Ban_Ung happy bday Ban!! Hope u hva goood day!!! Holla~

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