110625 – 0707 New Tweets

Sorry for not updating for so long!!

(1) @sweetesthigh happy bday man!!! Hva gooood day!!!

(2) @Hi_How_R_You happy bday!!! 최고의 하루가 되길^^

Translation: Happy bday!!! I hope it becomes the best day^^

(3) @qn_kid happy bday kid!!! Hva gooood one!!! Holla~

(4) @29rain happy bday ma Man!!! hope u hva best day!!! Ill c ya sooon!! Love ya!!! Holla~

(5) alexander_0729: In @officialse7en’s @Yeolbong Chicken! Trust me, it’s really YUMMY!♥^-^)b But then…can me n my 2 frds finish all? LOL!

officialse7en: @alexander_0729 haha~ next time let me kno!!! Holla~

(6) @Flareia happy bday lisa!!! Hva goood day~ holla!!!

(7) @Simurg_Ts hey~ happy bday!!! Gva good one!!! Holla~

(8) @beettul happy bday Beettul~!!! Hope u hva greaat day!!! holla~

(9) 상쾌한 월요일 아침!!! 새로운 하루를 시작해봐요~ 재밌게!! 신나게!! 그리고 열심히!! 자~ 모두다 화이팅하자구요!!! We can do it!!! Holla~~~~~~

Translation: A refreshing monday morning!!Start a new day~in a fun way!!with excitement!! And working hard!!Now~everyone fighting!!We can do it!!!Holla~~~~

(10) @miclarge1 우앙~ 리기형이닷!!^^ Long~ time bruh!!! Miss ya!!![Note: this is Shinhwa Eric’s twitter account]

Translaiton: Wahh~it’s ric (ie) hyung!!^^ Long~time bruh!! Miss ya!!!

miclarge1: @officialse7en 일곱아~~너언제 맞팔해주나 기다리고있었다이놈~ 알라뷰~알라뷰~

Translation: Ilgob ah [ilgob is the korean word for number ‘7’]~I was waiting for you to follow me back one day~~I love you i love you~

officialse7en: @miclarge1 호호 오늘 알았음^^ 이게 얼마만이요요요!!! 보고싶다규~ 알라뷰 투^^ Ps. 그때가 그립습니다ㅠ (pic) yfrog.com/h29f8haj

Translation: hoho I found out today^^ How long has it beennnnnn!! I miss you~I love you too^^ PS I miss those times (pic)

miclarge1: @officialse7en 왜!왜!!나만!!!ㅎㅎ난예전에우리끼리모여서놀때 아기GD같이놀던생각나. 인젠쑥쑥커서 어른남자가 돼있어서 티비볼때신기해 ㅎ넌전이나지금이나 그대로인듯~keep in touch ma homeboy!

Translation: Why!Why!Only me!! hehe I remember when we used to gt together and play..with baby GD..now he’s grown up and become a man..when i see him on TV it’s amusing hehe~ As for you, you look the same then and now~keep in touch ma homeboy!

officialse7en: @miclarge1 형은 늙을수록 더 멋있어지는듯… 빨리 더 늙으세요!!!^^ 하하하 턱투유 레이라~~ holla!!!

Translation: The older hyung gets, the cooler you are.. Hurry and get older!!^^ hahaha Talk to you later~~holla!!

(11) @hyobyul0704 효별양 생일축하해요^^ 좋은하루 보내길 바래요!! Happy bday!!!

Translation: Hyo byul happy birthday^^ I hope you have a good day!! Happy bday!!

(12) @zainab46 happy bday ZAinab!!! Hope u hva great day!!! Holla~

(13) Oh~is it Jin’s bday? Happy bday ma man! Hope u hva goood day! Miss ya bruh! “@BoA_1105: Happy Bday to my friend @Jin_Akanishi !! Miss you!!”

(14) kimchangsup: RT @ohyongzu: 재욱이랑 슈퍼스타세븐님과 럭셔리브런치~홍대 주차장길 허니보울!!! 맛있네^^http://spic.kr/3WPn

Translation: RT @ohyongzu: A luxury brunch with jaewook hyung and superstar se7en~Hongdae car park road Honey Bowl!! Delicious^^

officialse7en: @kimchangsup 사진찍고 왔음요!!! 대박나삼!! 화이팅^^

Translation: I took photos and am back!! Daebak to you!!fighting^^

(15) @uknowiluvyou happy bday Siew!!! Hva goood day~ holla!!!

(16) @Realtaeyang 영배야!! 한국에 한번 꼭 놀러와~^^

Translation: Young bae ah!! You have to come to korea once to play^^

Realtaeyang: Juicy burger.. You can put any topping you want:) http://lockerz.com/s/117120710

officialse7en: @Realtaeyang oh~ looks good~~ 근데 앞에 앉은 머리긴 남자는 뉴규?? ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: oh~looks good~But who’s that man with the long hair next to you?? keke

Realtaeyang: @officialse7en AIMEEEEEE 🙂

officialse7en: @Realtaeyang 아 에이미!!^^ 그럼 에이미도 데리고 한국한번 놀러와~~ ㅋㅋ

Translation: Ah Aimee!!^^ Then bring aimee to korea to play~~keke

Realtaeyang: @officialse7en 가야지.. 한번 꼭…

Translation: I should go… at least once.. definitely

officialse7en: @Realtaeyang 그래… 한국에 한번 꼭 놀러와…

Translation: That’s right.. make sure you come to korea

Realtaeyang: @officialse7en you shoud drink that!

officialse7en: @Realtaeyang 그렇지… 열봉엔 쿨피스…

Translation: of course.. Yeolbong Cool pis

(17) @_maggiepie 현지양~ 생일축하해요^^ 좋은하루 보내용!! Happy bday!!!

Translation: Hyun ji~happy birthday^^ Have a good day!!Happy bday!!

(18) 모두모두 놀러오세요^^RT “@YEOLBONG: (열봉 뉘우스) 두둥!! 열봉찜닭 홍대점 오픈!! 여러분을 초대합니다^^ 시간 : 7월8일 (금) 오후5시!! 장소 : 홍대 수노래방 옆건물!!”

Translation: Everyone come to play^^ RT @YEOLBONG (Yeolbong news) tada!! Yeolbong hongdae branch opening!! Everyone is invited^^ Time: 8th July (fri) 5pm!! Place: Building next to HOngdae Soo noraebang

mingkki21: 모두모두 놀러오세요^^RT “@YEOLBONG: (열봉 뉘우스) 두둥!! 열봉찜닭 홍대점 오픈!! 여러분을 초대합니다^^ 시간 : 7월8일 (금) 오후5시!! 장소 : 홍대 수노래방 옆건물!!

Translation: Of course we should go~

officialse7en: @mingkki21 운동 열심히하는 밍끼를 위해 신메뉴 건강식두 준비해놨음묘!!!^^”

Translation: For mingkki who exercises hard, we’ve prepared a new menu with healthy foods!!^^

(19) 오늘은 7월7일 se7en day!!! 지난 8년간 럭키세븐과 나만의 기념일이였던 세븐데이가.. 오늘은 온국민의 세븐데이!!! 평창!! 평창!! 평창!!!^^ GO~ KOREA!!! YEAH~

Translation: Today is July 7th se7en day!! Se7en day, which has been a special day for lucky se7en and me for the past 8 years.. today it’s the whole country’s se7en day!! Pyongchang!!Pyong chang!!Pyong chang!!^^ GO~korea!! YEAH~

[Note: It was announced on the day that Korea’s Pyong chang has been chosen for the winter olympics]

(20) Sj861117sj: @officialse7en 미쓔브로 홍대에서봐용^^

Translation: Miss you bro~see you at hongdae^^

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj anytime bruh!!! Holla~

(21) 7월 7일 7년후 동계올림픽 기호 7번 평창… 세븐데이에 세븐갤이 마구마구 털린다!!! 그래도 기분좋은일로 털리니 털릴만 하군^^ 털털털~ 너덜너덜…

Translation: 7th July, in 7 years’ time winter olympics, No.7 Pyong chang.. On se7en day, the se7en gallery got spammed again!! But it’s worth it since it’s for a happy thing^^ Spam spam spam~

[Note: He’s referring to se7en’s dcinside gallery which gets spammed by random msgs at times when something related tot he number 7 happens]

(22) 하하하하하하하 완전웃겨RT “@bjvip_: @officialse7en 오빠 힘내세요 세븐갤은 털고 나중에 이유를 생각한단 말이^^::ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

Translation: Hahahahaha so funny RT @bjvip_: @officialse7en Oppa fighting~Spam se7en gallery and think of the reason later^^ keke

(23) PopCloudFoto: @officialse7en 헐 진짜 777 이네 ㅋ 대박이군 ㅋ 홍대점 오픈도 축하한다 출장땜에 아쉽군 다녀와서 들를게

Translation: Heuk~ it’s really 777 keke~daebak keke~Congrats to you as well for the opening of the hongdae shop~It’s a pity i’m off on a business trip~when i get back i’ll come

officiasle7en: @PopCloudFoto world wide man!! Take care~

(24) 오늘은 세븐데이!!! 럭키세븐과 나의 아주 특별한날!! 항상 응원해주고 아껴주는 여러분들이 있기에 매일 힘이납니다!! 요즘 아주 좋은 음악만들고있어요!! 조금만 더 기다려주시면 짜잔 하고 나타나겠습니다!!! 알롸뷰~~~~^^

TranslationL Today is se7en day! The special day for lucky se7en and me!! Thanks to everyone who treasures me and cheers me on, everyday i have strength!! Lately I’m making really good music!! Just wait for a little while longer and I will appear in front of you!! I love you~~^^

(25) Its july 7th.. se7en’s day!! Thank u everyone!! Ill be back w crazy good music!! Keep on eyes on me~ Love u all~ Peace!!

(26) 일본팬이 선물해준 기여운 열봉이 케익!!! 우아 기여워^^ 아리가또우네!!! 홍대 열봉 오픈 D-1!!!

Translation: Cute yeolbongi cake that the japanese fans gave me as a present!!wahh so cute^^ Thank you!! Hongdae yeolbong opening D-1!!

That’s all for today! I’ll continue tomorrow!


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