110719-110721 New Tweets

(1) @dorosiyoo 나의 20대도 당신들과 함께 멋지게 보낼수 있어서 행복합니다!!!

Translation: I feel fortunate that I was able to spend my 20’s stylishly with you guys together as well!!

(2) @baby1804 웅 이슬양!! 생일축하축하!!! 아주아주 좋은하루 보내길바래여!!! Happy bday!!!

Translation: Eung eeseul!!happy birthday!! I hope you have a very very happy day!!! Happy bday!!

(3) @blizzy91 happy bday breeze!!! Hope u hva goood day!!! Holla~~~

(4) RT juheon84 http://t.co/RAtkg15 She’s My Girl <feat. 미풍> – 주헌 #BugsPlaying 저의첫싱글1집앨범이 우리나라 모든 음원사이트에 공개 됐습니다 많은 관심부탁드립니다 ^^ 무한RT부탁드려요 ♥

[newcomer ju heon releases first single called “She’s my girl”]

@juheon84 good luck man!!!

(5) @hotpinkCLover21 happy bday!!!! Hope u hva goood day!!!

(6) @YGLhyejiin21 happy bday!!! Hva greattttt day!!! Holla

(7) @man720 happy bday!!!! Hope u hba goooood day!!!

(8) @eun7jung 취업축하해요 은정!!!! 화이팅~|

Translation: Congratulations for getting the job eun jung!! fighting~!

(9) Going 2 Japan!!! ひさしぶりの 日本!!!! どきどき!!! Haha~~

[Sorry dunno japanese ><]

(10) WoW!!! みんな ありがとう!!!

[Note: I googled it and i think it says ‘Thank you everyone’]


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