110809 – 110821 New Tweets

(1) @blyu7Sso 소영양 생일축하해요^^ hva great day!!! Holla~~

Translation: So young happy birthday^^ hva great day!!! Holla~~

(2) @Haidy2020 happy bday haidy!!! Hope u hva greeeaaattt day!!! Holla~

(3) @RNevaa happy bday neva!!! Hva goood one!!!

(4) @7Seymanur7 happy bday hee mi!! Hope u hba greaatt day!! Holla~

(5) Iamshowhost: @officialse7en 동욱아~~~

Translation: Dongwookah~~

officialse7en: @Iamshowhost 롱타임~^^

Translation: [It’s been a] long time~^^

(6) @Emily_bosun happy bday emily!! Hva gooood one!!! Peace!!

(7) @gomayu_ 유리짱~ 탄조비오메데또우!!! 생일축하해~ 좋은하루보내요!!!^^

Translation: Yuri jjang~ tan jo bi oh me dae ddo woo!! [Sorry dont know japanese]Happy birthday~have a good day!!!^^

(8) @itvlkym 생일축하해요 유민양!!! 좋은하루보내길바래용^^ happy bday!!!

Translation: Happy birthday Yoo min!!! I hope you have a good day^^ happy bday!!!

(9) @Foreverjackie86 happy bday Jackie!! Hope u hva good day!!!

(10) @oummy happy bday oummy!!! Hope u hva greaaattt day!!! Holla~

(11) @suyeoniworld 쓔요닝!!! 생일축하해요!! Hva good day~ happy bday!!!

Translation: Su yeoni!!Happy birthday!! Hva good day~happy bday!!!

(12) @areummm 아름양~ 생일축하해요!!! 좋은하루보내요!!! Happy bday!!!

Translation: Areum~happy birthday!! Have a good day!!! Happy bday!!!

(13) @jennyparkbom happu bday jenny!! Hva goood day!!!

(14) @yoojinhahaha 진하양 생일축하해용!!! 좋은밤보내길^^

Translation: Jin ha happy birthday!! hope you have a good night^^

(15) springmi90: @officialse7en 12시땡!하고도 한시간이 훌쩍 지난 지금… 아무도 생일축하한다고 연락이 없네요..ㅜㅜ 친구들한테 잘못한것도 없는데.. 이..이건..뭘까요ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 슬푸답니다..ㅜㅜㅋ

Translation: 12 oclock ding dong! and an hr has passed now.. but noone has contacted me saying happy birthday yet.. TT I didnt do anything wrong to my friends… what..is this TTT So sad .. TT ke

officialse7en: @springmi90 내가 있자나요^^ 생일축하해요!!! 좋은꿈꿔요!! Happy bday!!! 굿나잇^^

Translation: There’s me^^ Happy birthday!! have a good dream!! Happy bday!! goodnight^^

(16) @Bmr0708 아프면 안돼요!!! 푹 자고 힘내랏!!!^^

Translation: You cant be sick!!! Have a good rest and be strong!!^^

(17) @Ybploi happy bday!!! Hope u hva gooo day!!! Kokunkrab!!!!

(18) @ginachoi87 지나양~ 기사보고 팔로합니다~ 고마워요^^!! 콘서트 한다고 들었는데 힘내세요!!! Good luck!!!

Translation: G.na ~ I’m following you after i read the news~ Thank you^^!! I heard that you’re doing a concert, fighting!! Good luck!!!

[G.na revealed on a variety show that she is a big se7en fan – she used to talk to se7en photos and nearly cried when she met him in person]

(19) @bamrog happy bday mari!! Hva goood day!!! Ja ne~~

(20) @mingkki21 2NE1 제일 잘나가^^

Translation: 2ne1 is the best ^^ [This is play on words with 2ne1’s song I am the best]

(21) 우연히 발견한 10년전 사진한장!! 세븐이 되기전 고딩 동욱이^^ 하하 고놈참 똘똘하게 생겼고만!! 저땐 내가 한 힙합 했는데… ㅋㅋ

Translation: Here’s a photo from 10 years ago that I happened to find!! Dongwookie in primary school before becoming Se7en^^ Haha that guy looks pretty smart!! I was hiphop there.. keke

(22) @_HS_YI 예인앙!! 생일축하행!!! 좋은하루 보내용~^^

Translation: Ye in!! Happy birhtday!! Have a good day~^^

(23) @proudpraow happy bday praow~~ hope u hva goood day!! Holla

(24) doublev89: @officialse7en 형 보고파요. 흑흑

Translation: I want to see hyung. heuk heuk

officialse7en: @doublev89 콘서트 잘했어?? 조만간 밥묵자~~

Translation: Did you have a good concert?? Let’s eat together soon ~~

(25) @junezaaa happy bday june!!! Hope u hva good day!!! Holla~

(26) @superdahae_ 다해양~ 생일축하해용^^ 좋은하루 보내요!! 굿나잇!!

Translation: Da hae~happy birthday^^ happy a good day! Good night!!

(27) My followers live in Thailand (17.2%), Indonesia (12.6%) & the U.S. (9.9%) [top 3]. Find yours at

(28) @simonefy happy bday simone!!! Hope u hva great day tmrw!! Peace!!!

(29) @JojTOP happy bday Joj!!! Hope u hva gooood day!!! Holla~

(30) A shot~ A day!!! Nikon!!!

(31) bounce2004: 아침식사로 대구탕 싹~ 여긴 광안리~ http://yfrog.com/hsm4ydcj

Translation: Having Cod soup as breakfast~ it’s gwang an li here

officialse7en: @bounce2004 아 맛있겠다..근데 사진은 계속 누가찍어주는거야?! ㅋㅋ

Translation: It must be yummy.. but who’s taking the photos for you?! keke

(32) Happy bday Indonesia!!! Hope u guys hva goood day!!! Holla~~

(33) @_Sinnanda 다예양!! 생일축하해요~ 잘자구 좋은하루 보내길바래요^^

Translation: Da ye!! Happy birthday~ have a good sleep and i hope you have a good day^^

(34) @ChoiEunWow happy bday choi!!! Hope u hva gooood day!!! Holla~

(35) @kik_taki happy bday kik!!!! Hva goood day!!! Holla~

(36) @alzlptmf1 예슬양~ 생일축하해요!! 좋은하루 보내영!!!^^ happy bday!!

Translation: Ye seul ~ happy birthday!! Have a good day!!^^ happy bday!!

(37) @missw2w2 happy 17th bday!!! Hope u hva gooood day!!! Peace!!!

(38) @tvxq7_501 happy bday noa!!! Hope u hva goood day!!! Ja ne~~

(39) @ying0758 happy bday shi.ying!!! Hope u hva goood day!!! Holla~

(40) @hyosun0819 효선앙~ 생일축하해!!! 아주아주 좋은하루 보내길 바란다!! 건강하구!!! Peace!!!

Translation: Hyo sun~happy birthday!! I hope you have a very very good day!! Healthily!! Peace!!!

(41) YEOLBONG: 최대표님 가을때때옷 갈아입으셨네요 잘생기긴 드럽게 잘생겼어여 ^_____________^ http://yfrog.com/kkh5kcxpj

Translation: CEO Choi has changed clothes for autumn~ So freakin damn good looking ^_______^ [the word that was used was actually something but hard to translate in english, but it’s very slang and something u wouldnt use formally]

officialse7en: @YEOLBONG 사장한테 말버릇 하고는… 확 그냥 잡아먹어버릴까부다!!!

Translation: What’s with the bad language to your boss… I’m just going to catch and eat you!!

(42) @Iptisam95 happy bday lptisam!!! Hope u hva goood day!!! Holla

(43) @dbfl6331 ‘소연아~ 생일축하해^^’ 라고전해줘요~ 착한친구!!^^

Transaltion: Please pass this msg on ” So yeon ah~happy birthday^^” you kind friend!!!^^

(44) @angelxiahtic 빨리 낫길 바래요!! 아프지 말아요!! 화이팅~~!!!

Translation: Hope you get well soon!! Dont be sick!! Fighting~~!!

(45) @snorgw happy bday snorgw!! Hope u hva goood day!!! Peace!!

(46) @Quanninomarley 생일축하하하!!!! 형 생일축하해요!! 팔로우 하시죠~ 쪽지가 안가 ㅠㅠ

Translation: Happy birthday haha!! happy birthday hyung!!! Follow me yeah? I cant send you a msg TT [this is the twitter account for HaHa]

(47) @xynablair_VIP happy bday to u!!! Hope u hva goood day!!! Peace!

(48) @eomjifinger 생일축하해요 엄지!!! Hope u hva goood day!!! Holla~

Translation: Happy birthday Eom ji!! Hope u hva goood day!! Holla~


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  1. Thank you so much!!! You are so diligent in translating his tweets :)! You don’t know how grateful international lucky7 like me are!!!

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