Fan account of Daegu Samsung Playsmart Music Festival

“I’ve just come back from the Playsmart music festival. Oppa sang 5 songs ❤

He appeared from below the stage with Digital Bounce! He even rapped TOP’s part!! keke As he came down from the stage as he sang, his shoes screeched and he smiled, embarrassed.  keke Today i think he made the screeching noise about 4 cute~keke I was right at the front in Section A and we were the only section that he didnt grabs with TT He grabbed hands with nearly everyone in Section B TTT

At the beginning he said that he doesnt know how long it’s been since he’sbeen to Daegu and at the front, I shouted ‘5 years!5years!’ He looked surprised and looked (?) in my direction..or am I imagining things? keke My friend who went with me said he was so good looking, if only there was a security guard like him at the library that she goes to~!

He sang Digital Bounce, I’m going crazy, La la la, Better Together and Passion as the encore. Although I know our singer is an expensive singer for encore, oppa tried to train us too much~He always complains that our voices calling for ‘encore’ are too soft~I knew that if our voices are too soft, oppa could really not come out, so I really called out really loud~TT So it ended with Passion~

There was a fan who was picked after she sent in a story (?) and he had a little chat with her~To whoever you are, please upload your account~so jealous~TT That person was in front of me for a bit so I thought oppa might come over but he didnt even grab our hands and just passed by~ How many times did we call, oppa oppa~ but he was only nice to others TT Oppa is so bad TT

Because he is an oppa who is good at fan service he kept going to the sides, away from the middle~It’s our first time seeing you in 5 years, you should share the love between everyone yeah? TT Although it was sad, Lee ssang filled the empty space which oppa left and we had fun! Even so, seeing oppa 5 years ago as high school 1st yr and now in my 3rd year university, I love you~! But oppa looked like he was a bit out of breath? Oppa hope you hurry prepare new songs and make a come back!!

by 내남자동욱 at farineli

And 2 photos from dcinside se7en gallery


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