Fan account of meeting Se7en after Playsmart music festival

Skip stuff in the front..

“So oppa’s performance finished and my friend and I came out to the carpark~Thanks to 3 Japanese fans who were at the carpark we found it. They were looking at oppa’s van and waiting for him. So we held onto our chilbong and waited together. After awhile, 1 more girl came and 2 more Japanese fans came. Just before oppa came up, 3 girls in uniform joined us. Including me and my friend, there were about 15?20? people altogether.

Anyway, after awhile, oppa came out from the exco exit near the van. I called out ‘Oppa!’ (a weird sound?) and oppa waved~ I thought he was going to get on the van but instead he came to us. He held each person’s hand one by one and greeted them >< His face is really small and his hands are really big~ He greeted the Japanese fans in Japanese~ As for me.. it seems that oppa said something, but either I didnt hear properly or I just cant remember..because I was so out of it then.. i cant remember anything besides the fact that his hands are really big..TT Because I was so out of it, i didnt even think of taking a photo TT But I really loved it

This was the first time meeting oppa after liking him for 8 years..I didnt know I would come across such fortune today”


by sevdnr[세븐!폴드림] at farineli


4 thoughts on “Fan account of meeting Se7en after Playsmart music festival

  1. We’re always be under Se7en’s spell whenever he comes near us. Time stops, loose breath, after he goes, we cannot explain what exactly happened, but the feeling of him still be with us lol

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