110901 New Tweets (1)

(1) mingkki21: @officialse7en 냐아아아아~~세봉오빠 진짜 뒈에에박 멋진오빠네~폭풍감동이에요 ㅠㅠ 그래도 퉤니원 챙겨주시는건 세봉오빠군여~밍끼 햄볶아요~#^^#

Translation: Naaaaaaa~sebong oppa is really a cool oppa who supports us from behind~SO touched TT It’s sebong oppa who takes care of 2ne1~mingkki is so happy~#^^#

officialse7en: @mingkki21 암만 더 챙겨주고싶어두 퉤니원 젤 잘나가서 챙겨줄게 읍따!!!^^ 나중에 오빠 늙으믄 너희가 오빠 챙겨줘야해!!^^

Translation: Even though I want to take care of you guys more, 2ne1 is doing the best so there’s nothing for me to do!!^^ In the future when oppa gets old, you guys have to look after me!!^^

(2) Melody323232: 나나걸스 단원을 모집합니다! 춤에 관심있는 정도는 사절이구요~ 뜨거운 열정 있으신분! 오디션은 1~2분정도의 안무, 키는 163이상입니다~ 결코 쉬운일 아니구요~ 멘션으루 질문 주세요! RT는 센스

Translation: Nana girls is looking for members!! We will reject if you are just interested in dance~People who have lots of passion! We are looking for 1-2min of choreography for audition, with a height of 163cm and above~It’s not something easy~Please ask questions through mentions!!RT if you have sense

WAWASOUL: @Melody323232 저여..

Translation: Me….

Melody323232: @WAWASOUL 안됩니다~

Translation: Cannot~

officialse7en: @Melody323232 @wawasoul 참나!!! 아니 도대체 재용이형이 왜안돼!!!!!???! 우리 재용이형 키 163 넘는단말야!!!!!!! 진짜예요!!! 믿어달라구우!!!!!!!!!

Translation: Geez! Why can jae yong hyung not be considered1!!?? Our jae yong hyung is over 163cm tall!! Really!!Believe me!

Melody323232: @officialse7en 유명가수 세븐씨가 이렇게까지 추천하는거라면… 음… @wawasoul 그래도 안됩니다~

Translation: Since famous singer se7en ssi is recommending him like this…hmm….@wawasoul but still cannot~

officialse7en: @wawasoul 형…. 상미누나가 죽어도 안된데… 걸렸나봐.. 형 163 안되는거 ㅠㅠ 아… 아깝다!!

Translation: Hyung…Sang mi noona says that you cannot even if she dies..i think u got caught..that you’re not over 163cm tall TT ah…what a pity!!

(3) sevdnr: @officialse7en 오빠 오늘 정말 반가웠어요~저 엑스코주차장에서 일본팬분들 사이에서 칠봉들고 있던 팬이예요~기억 하실런지..8년동안 좋아하면서 실제론 처음 보는 거였는데 그렇게 가까이에서 보고 악수도 하게 될줄을 몰랐어요~공연도 멋있었고 정말 최고였어요~ ^^ 다음에 또 뵐수있는 날이 있겠죠~ 서울 조심히 올라가세요~^^

Translation: Oppa today it was really nice meeting you~I’m the fan who was with the japanese fans holding a chilbong at the exco car park today~I dont know if you remember..I’ve liked you for 8 years and this time was my first time meeting you in person~I didnt know I would be able to see you so close up and get to shake hands with you~The performance was really cool and you were the best~^^ There will be a day taht I see you again right~Have a safe trip back to Seoul~^^

officialse7en: @sevdnr 응 얼굴 알꺼같아!!^^

Translation: Eung I think I know your face!!^^

(4) ddak: @officialse7en 아ㅠ 대구 공연 보고 올라가고있는중인데 KTX가 멈춰버렸어요…불도 꺼지고; 무서버라ㅜ 근데 우리 가수 무대 오랜만에봐서 기분은 최고!

Translation: Ah TT I went to see the daegu performance and am going back~but the KTX stopped..the lights are out; so scary TT But seeing our singer’s performance after so long, I feel the best!

officialse7en: @ddak 어멋!!!?? 진짜?? 무서워말고 조심히 올라가 지영양!!!^^

Translation: Omo!!?? Really?? Dont be scared and get back safely ji young!!^^

(5) jiylnoym: @officialse7en 오늘대구완전멋졋슴니다><

Translation: You were totally cool in daegu today ><

officialse7en: @jiylnoym 나두 알아요^^

Translation: I know that too^^

(6) lovelyLYH: @officialse7en 오빠 비록 몸은 서울에 있었지만 제 맘은 대구에 있었다는거ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 오늘 멋진 공연 하시느라 수고 많으셨어요~!! 다들 또 오빠의 폭풍무대를 보고 반한 듯ㅋㅋ 그르니까 제발 단콘 해주심 안 되나요ㅠㅠ

Translatoin: Oppa~although my body was in seoul, my heart was in daegu ~kekeke Today you worked hard for a cool performance~!!Everyone must have fell for oppa after watching oppa’s super performance keke~cant you please have a solo concert TT

officialse7en: @lovelyLYH 나두 빨리 하고싶따!!

Translation: I want to have one soon as well!!

(7) springmi90: @officialse7en 4곡..아쉽지만..멋잇어요!!정말 오랜만에보는거잖아요!!역시 오늘도 최고! 조심히가시구요!!우리 단콘해요!!ㅋ

Translation: 4 songs..even though it’s a pity..you were cool!!It has been a really long time seeing you!!You were indeed the best today too!!Go back carefully!Let’s have solo concert!!keke

officialse7en: @springmi90 5곡이였다구우!! 무슨노랠 노친거얏!!!?

Translation: It was 5 songs! Which song did you miss!!?

(8) songemushroom; @officialse7en B구역(왼쪽)으로 많이와주셔서 너무 감사♥♥ 손터치도너무감동 고마워요! 오빠♥

Translation: Thank you very much for coming to Section B (left side) alot ♥♥ I was also very touched by the hand touching, thank you oppa! ♥

officialse7en: @songemushroom 나두 고마워요^^

Translation: Thanks to you too^^

(9) Sulm0630: @officialse7en 오빠 오늘 공연하시고 벤타고 가시다가 버스에 창문열고 손흔들어 주신거 폭풍 감동이였어요!!!! 짱짱 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 지금도 너무너무 설레이는 ㅎㅎㅎ 세븐느님

Translation: Oppa today after you had your performance and left by van, when you opened your window and waved at me on the bus, I was super touched!! jjang jjang TTT Even now i’m shaking ~hehehe se7en god

officialse7en: @SuIm0630 아!!! 버스에 타있던 학생!!??^^ 하하 반가워써요!!!

Translation: Ah!! You are the student who was on the bus!!??^^ haha it was nice to meet you!!

(10) duddms0815: @officialse7en ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ오빠! 저오늘 오빠 줌인해서 찍었어욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ완전잘찍혔는데…오빠한테 보여드리고싶네옄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ카니까번호좀..<<<<<<,,이러고있넹ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: hehehe oppa~I zoomed in on oppa today to film keke~I really filmed it well..I want to show oppa kekekekekeke ~your number please…<<<<<<<and i’m like this kekekke

officialse7en: @duddms0815 잘나온것만 뽀샾해서 파리넬리에 올려줘요^^ ㅎㅎ

Translation: Photoshop only the good ones and upload on farineli^^ hehe

(11) qkznskek: @officialse7en 오빠짱짱수고하셨어용♥ 조만간 콘서트콜?ㅎㅎ

Translation: Oppa jjang jjang worked hard ♥ Concert soon, call? hehe

officialse7en: @qkznskek 아… 이제 체력이 ㅠㅠ

Translation: Ah…my stamina nowadays TT

(12) Gwon2014: @officialse7en 오빠제쪽으로왜안오셧나요ㅠ

Translation: Oppa why didnt you come to my side TT

officialse7en: @Gwon2014 너가 소리많이 안지르드라 ㅠㅠ

Translation: You didnt scream out much TT

(13) officialse7en: @yoonaddong 담에 꼭 봐요^^

Translation: Must see you next time^^

(14) mooooooon7:@officialse7en 수고하셨습니다!!! 행사도 뛰셨으니 슬슬 콘서트 준비도…?ㅋㅋ 부탁드린다구요~~ㅎㅎ

Translation: You worked hard!!Participating in events like this, so preparations for a concert also..? keke asking you for a favour ~~hehe

officialse7en: @mooooooon7 나도 잘좀 부탁한다^^

Translation: I also ask for a favour

(15) yukka: @officialse7en 더웠었지? 고생 많이 하셨어요~ 역시 븐님은 최고!!!

Translation: It was hot wasnt it? You had a hard time~’ven’ nim is indeed the best!!!

officialse7en: @yukka 응응 아리가또우!!!^^

Translation: Eung eung arigtao!

(16) enki1991: @officialse7en 수고하셨어요>< 일본공연은 언제볼수있을까요??(´Д` )

Translation: You worked hard >< When can we see a Japanese performance??

officialse7en: @enki1991 빨리가고싶다 나두^^

Translation: I also want to go soon^^

(17) [the fan’s original tweet has since be deleted but I remember she asked, if she could have one of his toes]

officialse7en: @chb3444 오빠 발가락은 안돼!!! 페티큐어 받았어 ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: Oppa’s toes are out of question!! I had a pedicure keke

[Then the fan said, would you like one of mine?]

officialse7en: @chb3444 그건 좀….. -.-

Translation: Errr well that’s um…-.-

(18) charmingDJ: @officialse7en 오빠못보러가서 아쉬워요 흑ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Translation: It’s such a pity I wasnt able to go see oppa ~Heuk TTTTT

officialse7en: @charmingDJ 나두 아쉽다…^^

Translation: It was also a pity for me ..^^

(19) MB_BB: @officialse7en @mingkki21 안녕하세요, 잘 지내 시죠?

Translation: Hello, you are doing well right?

officialse7en: @MB_BB 응 잘지내!! 안녕 마이콜!?

Translation: Eung I’m doing well!! Hi michael!?

(20) raychumen: @officialse7en hi oppa… 🙂

officialse7en: @raychumen hi~~ ^^


One thought on “110901 New Tweets (1)

  1. This isn’t my first time here, but thanks so much for all of the translations, videos, etc.! It’s nice not having to look all over the place for information.

    Hm, if you read this comment, I think Se7en’s doing an event in Singapore on September 18? Here’s the website: http://worldrunway.org/artist/. Sounds like a cool fashion competition!

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