New Tweets 110901 (2)

(1) kiMira06: @officialse7en annyeong oppa.. 🙂

officialse7en: @kiMira06 응~ 안녕~~

Translation: Eung~ annyeong

(2) mouw_wnom: @officialse7en baby good night : ))

officialse7en: @mouw_wnom 너두 good nite!!

Translation: Good nite to you too!

(3) ukYGqueens: @officialse7en how are you? ^.^

officiase7en: @ukYGqueens Im fine thank u n u?? Haha

(4) fnrain: @officialse7en 저오늘 보러갔어요! 오늘 멋쪘슴돠! 라이브도 짱이고ㅋㅋ 대구많이오세용! 근데 진짜잘생기셨어요^^

Translation: I went to see you today! You were cool today!! Live was jjang keke~Come to daegu often! But you were really good looking^^

officialse7en: @fnrain 고마워요~ 사진잘찍었네?^^ 다음에 또 만나요!!!

Translation: Thank you~ You took some good photos^^ See you next time again!!!

(5) lyxq99: @officialse7en 부러워요언젠간꼭같은회사에서보고싶어요꼭갈게요

Translation: So jealous~I want to see you at the same company one day~I will definitely go there

officialse7en: @lyxq99 얼렁와^^

Translation: Come quick^^

lyxq99: @officialse7en 감사합니다.. 너무감사합니다지금버틸게없어서음악만보는건데진짜감사합니다..

Translation: Thank you.. thank you so much..There is nothing for me to tolerate, so i’m only looking at music..really thank you..

officialse7en:@lyxq99 열정 노력 희망 긍정!!! Thats all u need…

translation: Passion, hard work, hope, positivity!!! Thats all u need…

(6) songemushroom: @officialse7en 꺄 저두 정말 즐거웠어요♥ 수고하셨어요! Love u only!!!

Translation: gyaa I really enjoyed it too ❤ You worked hard!! Love u only!!

officialse7en: @songemushroom Only??? 확실해!!?? 흠… 이상하게 못믿겠네..??^^

Translation: Only??? Are you sure!!?? Hmm… it’s weird but i cant believe u..??^^

(7) Rubysh1004: @officialse7en 와우 대구시민으로써 저희가감사하죠ㅎ건강챙기세요

Translation: Wow I’m thankful to you as a daegu citizen hehe~stay healthy

officialse7en: @Rubysh1004 신형이도 항상 건강!!!

Translaiton: Shin hyung, you always stay healthy always!!!

(8) REALBiTTerSweeT: @officialse7en언제 무대 서실지힌트좀주셔요ㅠㅠㅠ저는 왜 대구인이 아닐까요ㅠㅠㅇ난 세가수너무좋은데!!!!

Translation: Please give us a hint when you will perform TTT Why am I not from daegu TTT I really like ‘se’ singer [Note: se as in the first syllable of se7en]

officialse7en: @REALBiTTerSweeT 나도 내가 너무 좋다!!!^^

Translation: I also really like myself!! ^^

(9) noizumi: wahh~ @officialse7en is replying many tweets as of now! Wanna get 1 from him too, but dunno what to say… reply me pls?? :p

officialse7en: @noizumi right here ma friend!!! Hope u hva good one!!!

(10) Linly_VIP: @officialse7en SV7EN oppa!! plz,, reply to me. ><

officialse7en: @Linly_VIP reply

(11) Veronica_Cha: @officialse7en 직접보니 999배나 더 멋지네요. ㅠㅠ ….!! 공연이 너무 아름다웠음♥

Translation: Seeing you in person, you were 999x cooler. TT…!! The performance was too beuatiful

officialse7en: @Veronica_Cha 999배…..!??!!!!!? 겨우!!!?!!?!!!!!!!!!!????? ㅠㅠ

Translation: 999 times..!??!!!!!? Is that all!!?!!?!!!!!!!!?????? TT

(12) BBovi: @officialse7en 세봉님 오늘 완전 훈남 짱이여써요!!! ㅠㅜ감동감동

Translatoin: Sebong nim today was totally good looking jjang!!! TTT touched

officialse7en: @BBovi 응~ 그럼 활력소에 나도좀 껴줘^^

Translation: Eung~So leave me a place as your energiser

(13) officialse7en: @HzM7 응 열봉 맛있어^^

Trnalstion: Eung~ Yeolbong is yummy^^

(14) choopar94: @officialse7en @mingkki21 젤앞에서제가젤먼저투애니원!!!!이라고소리쳐서칠오빠당황하심ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ퉨언니들낼뵈용

Translation: I was right at the front who first yelled out ‘2ne1’!! and oppa looked taken back ehehehehe~2ne1 unni, see you tomorrow

officialse7en: @choopar94 @mingkki21 응. 내가 먼저 잘난척하면서 말해줄라했는데 ㅋㅋ

Translaiton: Eung. I was the one who pretended to be good and said it

(15) officialse7en: @chb3444 그건 좀….. -.-

Translation: That’s a bit….-.- [The fan’s original tweets have been deleted but she asked him if he would have her toes?? It’s really bizarre]

(16) MONICA21D: @officialse7en 세봉 오빠!! ^^

Translation: Sebong oppa!!^^

officialse7en: @MONICA21D 왜~ 혜봉아~

Translation: What~ Hye bong ah~

(17) enki1991: @officialse7en 오늘 기분좋으신가봐요?ㅋㅋㅋ 븐션 아낌없이 날려주시고ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뭐 싫다는건 아니에요(^_-)

Translaiton: You were in a good mood today?? keke giving out ‘ven’-tion [from mention] generously keke~Well i’m not saying i dont like it (^_-)

officialse7en: @enki1991 응 기분좋아!! 시르믄 말구!!

Translation: Eung i’m in a good mood! If you dont like then stuff it

(18) iap7ever: @officialse7en Hollaaa oppa ^^ can i get ur reply?! 😉

officialse7en: @iap7ever reply

(19) officialse7en: @freshy_resh 나도 영국에 가보고싶다^^

Translaotin: I also want to go to the UK^^

(20) RioSung_95: @officialse7en oppa I feel bores what I should I do ??? TT If u reply me I will be happy

officialse7en: @RioSung_95 reply


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