New Tweets 110902 – 1006

I know i’m over a month behind in be honest I have been avoiding them because there are so many…so i’ve a decision that from now I will only translate his main tweets and will not be translating his replies to others anymore. If there is the occasional request for a special tweet or there is something significant or important, there may be an exception. Thank you for your understanding!

(1) 놀러오세요!!^^RT “@YEOLBONG: (열봉뉴스) 여러부운~ 드디어 열봉찜닭 홈페이지를 오픈했어요!!!^^ 모두모두 놀러오셔서 후기,사진 마니마니 남겨주세요!!! 꼬끼오~~ WWW.YEOLBONG.COM”

Translation: Come to play!!^^ RT @YEOLBONG: (Yeolbong news) Everyone~Finally the Yeolbong homepage is open!!^^ Everyone come to play and leave ur experiences, pictures!! *chicken noise*

(2) 여러분~ 메리추석!!^^ 맛있는거 마니마니 먹구 행복한 명절 보내세요!!! PEACE~

Translation: Everyone~Merry Chuseok!! [Korean thanksgiving] Eat lots of yummy food and have a happy festival!! PEACE~

(3) Wassup S’pore!!! SE7EN will be in S’pore on 18 Sep. 2011 17pm @Singapore Indoor Stadium!! Special music performance on “WORLD RUNWAY” Holla~

(4) Tonight!! Special music performance on “WORLD RUNWAY” This is the world’s hottest and biggest fashion show!! Holla~

(5) Yeah yeah~ “@WAWASOUL: wassssup S’pore!!!”

(6) Waiting waiting waiting…. Almost almost almost…. See ya soooon S’pore!!!

(7) 여러분 빅뱅이 MTV유럽뮤직어워즈 한국대표로선정되었다네요!!! 빅뱅이 한국을 빛내는 가수가 될수있도록 모두모두 투표해주세요~!!! GO~ BIGBANG!!!

Translation: Everyone, Big bang is the Korean representative for the MTV Europe music awards!! Please help Big Bang make Korea shine and help vote~!!!GO~BIGBANG!!!

(8) (열봉뉴스) 꺄악~ 열봉찜닭 5호점 전주점 10월초 오픈예정!!!!!! 드디어 ‘맛있는 열봉’이 지방에도 찾아갑니다^^ 꼬끼오~~

Translation: (Yeolbong news) Gyaa~Yeolbong steamed chicken branch No. 5 Jeonju branch is opening at the beginning of October!!! Finally delicious Yeolbong is also going outside Seoul^^ *chicken noise*

(9) Wassup Japan!!! ひさしぶりの… どきどき!!!

(10) 2NE1 concert NOLZA!!! すてきでした!!! Fanの みなさん、ありがとうね~ また あいましょう!!! Peace!!!

(11) 한국도착!!! 공항에서 바로 경주 가는길… 좀 자야지 헤헤~

Translation: Arrived in Korea!! From the airport, it’s directly to Kyungju…Need to sleep hehe~

(12) 세븐 공중부양

Translation: Se7en flying in the sky

(13) 아이팟 1세대를 처음 손에 넣었을때의 기쁨을 아직도 잊지못해… Thank u Steve… R.I.P

Translation: I still cant forget the joy I felt when I first held the first generation Ipod in my hand.. Thank u Steve…R.I.P


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