Se7en visits GDragon during North Face photoshoot

It’s been revealed that YG Entertainment artist Se7en and 2NE1‘s former stylist Yang Seung Ho paid G-Dragon a visit while he was on set for his North Face photoshoot in Kangnam, Seoul.

In order to prevent news reporters from flooding the scene, YG Entertainment had purposely called in to say that the photoshoot had been canceled. Korean media outlets later reported that this was not the case, and that G-Dragon had completed the photoshoot as planned.

On October 5th, G-Dragon arrived at the studio at 6:00 PM and left the building around six hours later. When arriving, the agency van parked directly in front of the building entrance and prevented outsiders from entering the studio. After the photoshoot, G-Dragon discreetly slipped out of the building and left the scene.

An official from the photoshoot revealed that G-Dragon was (understandably) not his usual bright self, and the photoshoot had a rather gloomy atmosphere. The official stated, “The usually mischievous G-Dragon was nowhere to be seen. It’s unfortunate.”

It’s said that his close friends, Se7en and stylist Yang Seung Ho, came to the studio and stayed around 3 to 4 hours to lend G-Dragon their support.

A staff member present at the studio revealed, “Se7en is the hyung whom G-Dragon relies on the most. His expression became brighter as soon as Se7en stepped into the studio. Even T.O.P, who had already finished filming, stayed behind to show his support. But Yang Hyun Suk and the other YG Entertainment representatives did not appear at the scene.”

Article by allkpop


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