Birthday Project

Alright guys, lately people around me have been asking me whether we should do something for his birthday and I thought we better~ haha…. we havent done anything for him since the tweeting projects last year (which unfortunately didnt work but at least he acknowledged our efforts). So! Let’s get to it!

Birthday Video

I will like to make a birthday video for him with messages from fans around the world (I dont think anyone’s done that for him in quite awhile!). To make it more interesting, I will be accepting photos and videos. PLEASE CHOOSE EITHER. In other words, please send me either a photo of yourself holding a message OR record yourself saying something. Simple enough?

Deadline: 31st October 2011

What to include in your photo/video: Your face (plz!!), country where you are from

Max length for video: 10 seconds

Preferrable format for video: AVI

Please do make your photos and videos good quality and please DONT add background music to your videos.

Send all your files to

Please help spread the word!

This event is now closed. The video is nearly done!!

Besides tweeting the video to him, I’ll be arranging for someone to hand it over to him on a disc in person. So dont worry it’s definitely going to end up in his hands!

Dont forget to watch out for the video on the 9th! I’ll be posting it here as well!


21 thoughts on “Birthday Project

  1. omg… my face… hahaha…
    actually i was thinking the same idea, more or less.. :p
    alright lucky se7en around the world, lets do this!! 😀

  2. HaHaHa mask !!

    Please think about this !!!!
    We can’t show our Face T_T

    Can we without our faces ????? Please -_-

    I don’t know why you want to put our faces !

    • to show him that his fans exist and arent just pieces of paper??!! lol
      if u cant show ur face due to whatever reason, please hold the piece of paper with your message and cover up to your eyes
      is that ok?

      • Looool ^-^
        Sure No 😛
        We Cant show ( All ) our Faces !!
        My eyes , eyebrows , and my hair in my face !_!
        There are a (lot ) of us cant show their faces
        Do you think he will don’t be happy for the messages without a face !!!!

  3. can we just send you a picture of us holding the paper with a message of course, rather than doing a 10 seconds video? kekekke ^_^ thanks!

  4. حمآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآر الي يكلمك << كآن فيك خير فهمي
    والغبي الي بيشششارك معك

    مآترد بعد
    << تحسب كل زيهآ بيطلع وجهه

  5. That’s a perfect idea. i sent you a mail with my photos and a message to se7en. and I told this project to my lucky7 friends. they want to sendv their messages to se7en with mails too. let’s do it together all Lucky7s.

  6. When will you do it video for Se7en ? ^^ I think it´s good idee ^^
    We already sent photo with b-day greetings for him ^^ I hope he will enjoy greeting from us !
    Thank you for doing projects like this !!!

    Happy B-DAY Se7en !!!

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