[News] Se7en is congratulated by stars on his birthday

Se7en celebrates his birthday with many congratulatory messages from many stars and fans from different countries.

To celebrate his 27th birthday, Se7en left a message on his twitter saying “YEAH! It’s ma BIRTHDAY today~ Holla at yo BOY!” and uploaded a picture together with it.

In the photo, Se7en wears a pair of party-use sunglasses and uses one hand to make a V, showing his bright side.

Wondergirls members Ye eun and Yoo bin sent him messages saying “It’s oppa’s birthday! Happy birthday!Eat lots of yummy food!” and “Happy birthday! Hope your day is filled with happy things!” As well as this, many other stars such as BoA, G.na, Big bang member Taeyang, san-e etc sent him birthday messages via twitter.

Se7en showed his attentive side by replying to each of these messages one by one.

He also tweeted a message showing a video with messages from fans from all over the world, saying “Thank all ma fans! Love yall 너무너무 고마워요. 사랑해 (thank you so so much. I love you).”

from http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109317620


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