111122 – 24 New Tweets + me2day

(1) (retweet of Yeolbong) 뚜둥~!!! 드뎌 열봉찜닭 목포점이 오픈합니다!!! 11/24 오픈~!!!!! 세련된 인테리어의 목포점!! 많이찾아주세요~ 맛으로보답하겠습니다^^ 목포점: 061-285-8800 https://twitter.com/#!/YEOLBONG/status/138955938664169472/photo/1

Translation: Tada!! Finally Yeolbong steam chicken Mokpo branch!Opening on 11/24!!!! Mokpo branch will have a trendy interior!! Please come often~We will pay you back with great taste^^ Mokpo branch: 061-285-8800

(2) 내 지하철~ 신분당선!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/hsgvfpfj  http://yfrog.com/nxs95lj

Translation: My subway train~ New Bundang line!!^^

(3) YG family 콘서트 회의중!!! 오~ 완전 재밌을꺼같은데??^^ http://yfrog.com/od3bgukj http://yfrog.com/nts39rqj

Translation: During YG family concert meeting!! Oooo~ Seems like it’s really fun??^^ [Pix he included are the ones from Nate Talk On]



이곳은 얼마전 열렸던 일본 팬미팅 현장입니다! 오랫만에 만나서 너~무 신난 우리는 다함께 김치!! 자 이제 몸 좀 풀었으니 다음 주 YG FAMILY 콘서트에서 신나게 놀아볼까요? 더 멋진 모습으로 열심히 준비중이니 곧 만나요 여러분 !^^

Translation: This place is where I had a Japanese fan meeting not long ago!! We met for the first time after many years and were so high~ “Kim chi!” together!!Now, since we’ve warmed up a bit, should we have some fun next week at the YG FAMILY concert?? Since I’m working hard in preparation to show you an even cooler appearance, let’s meet soon everyone!


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