[Audio+English transcript] 111128 FM Yokohama Kpop now + Magazine ‘Music Bank’

111128 FM Yokohama Kpop now

Short interview

English transcript by @harder127 (click here)

DJ: Tonight as well is SE7EN’s interview. Yesterday we already mentioned it but on November 6th at SE7EN’s fan meeting, there was a question about SE7EN’s american activites. He responded with, “it was a good experience but America is difficult…” This time it seems that SE7EN wants to connect with his Japanese fans.
Also…Next year on January 18th, SE7EN’s mini album will be released. What kind of album will it be?

SE7EN: January 18th 2011 My new mini album will be released. Because this album is a comeback album after 4 years. I really really worked hard, there are  various styles of songs in it made for everyone and I hope everyone likes this new mini album. I hope everyone listens to it lots.

DJ:It will be an album that will create lots of memories. It will be released next year on January 18th. Lastly, a message to your Japanese fans.

SE7EN: To my Japanese fans, from now on I will start my Japanese activities, so please cheer on me. It’s coming close to the end of year but everyone please always be healthy and happy!

DJ: I hope everyone stays healthy?
Next year January 21st and 22nd at Saitama Super Arena will be the YG Family Concert in Japan. Se7en, BIG BANG, 2NE1and many others will be present.

Anyways, Let’s listen to the newly released SE7EN’s digital single, “ANGEL”

SE7EN: FM Yokohama Kpop Now! listeners and Yuka, good evening, it’s SE7EN. Therefore please listen to my new digital single, ANGEL. Peace~



Magazine- Music Bank (out 28/11)

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