111126-1202 New Tweets

(1) YG FAM 다같이 밴드연습!!! 꽉찬 라이브 밴드사운드!! 오예~ http://yfrog.com/hsf1dukj

Translation: YG FAM having band practice together!!A live band sound that fills up everything!! Oh yeah~

(2) 나랑비슷 ㅎㅎ“@dambi925: 나얼굴크다 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ http://yfrog.com/kh6maicj” http://yfrog.com/kjncagej

Translation: Similar to mine hehe “@dambi925 My face is big hehehe

(3) 파자마입은채로 먹을꺼 사러 밖에나왔다 ㅋㅋ 날씨도 쌀쌀 벌써 크리스마스 분위기가 슬슬~ 우앙~~ http://yfrog.com/kjllqimj

Translation: I’ve come out to buy something to eat wearing pyjamas keke~The weather is a bit chilly and the Christmas atmosphere is here~woo ahhh~

(4) 꼭 찾아주세요!!! “@jhs7987: 싱가폴 공항에서 캐리어 짐 분실했습니다 수화물 찾을때 mama 시상식 단체팀이 많아서 다른 팀 짐과 휩쓸려 간 것 같습니다 인천공항 오전 9시 비행기 타신분들중에 혹시 잘못 갖고 가신분이나 보신분들 계신다면 꼭 연락주세요 검정색 캐리어 손잡이에 alife 빨간 네임텍(아무것도 안적혀있음) 달려 있습니다 RT 부탁드려요..!!

Translation: Please find it!!! @jhs7987 I have lost my carrier baggage at Singapore airport. It seems that because there are lots of teams who have come for the MAMA awards, that it’s been mixed up with other teams’ baggage. If anyone who caught the 9am flight from Incheon accidentally took my luggage or if anyone has seen it, please contact me. It’s a suitcase and there’s a red alife name tag on the handle (there’s nothing written on it). Please help RT!

(5) 하라는 일은안하고…😡 “@YEOLBONG: 어제 열봉🐔 홍대점에서 옆테이블 찜닭 뺏어먹고 한컷!! 아 배불르다~ ㅎㅎ http://yfrog.com/oc2khmhj”

Translation: But you dont do what you’re told to do… “@YEOLBONG A photo of Yeolbongi snatching steam chicken from the neighbouring table at the Hongdae branch from yesterday!!Ahh full~~hehe

(6) 값어치있고 제일 멋진선물이 될수만 있다면야^^ “@jeong_min0518: @officialse7en 븐오빠 볼때마다 기분 좋은게 팬들에게 생일날 답멘하시는거.팬들에게 값어치 있고 제일 멋있는 생일선물을 항상 선사해주셔서 정말 대단하고 흐뭇하다.”

Translation: I hope that [my messages] can become a valuable and cool present^^ @jeong_mino518: @officialse7en Everytime I see ‘Ben’ oppa, i feel happy because I see your birthday messages to fans. You’re so great for always giving such valuable and cool birthday presents to fans makes me feel happy.

(7) Love my thick lips!!! OOH~~~A http://yfrog.com/j2gxibuj http://yfrog.com/nzq6afaj

(8) YG FAM 콘서트 리허설 중~ 너무 기대된다앙~!!! w 2NE1 @mingkki21 @haroobomkum #dara http://yfrog.com/j2kvxqgj

Translation: In a YG FAM concert rehearsal~Really looking forward to it~!!!w 2NE1 @mingkki21 @haroobomkim #dara

(9) 지금까지 녹음하다 이제들어와서 자려고 누웠음!! 우아 나 완전 열심히 하는거같아 그나저나 기쁜소식하나!! 타이틀곡 나온거 같애!!!^^ 으하하 근데 침대가 날 잡아먹는다아아아 안뇽 http://yfrog.com/nyn8fpnj

Translation: I’ve recording til now~I’ve come back home now and i’ve laid down, about to sleep!!Woo ahh I think i totally worked really hard~And here’s some good news!! It seems like we’ve got the title track!!^^ ahaha~But the bed is catching me and eating me uppppppp~byebye

Bonus photo from Dara’s me2day

와아~!스탠딩에서 공연보면 이런 느낌이구나~!+.+완~전!신나는데요?!? 폴짝폴짝 뛰어요!뛰어!^0^ㅋ지금 짱 멋잇는 븐느님 리허설 끝나고 빅뱅 등장!빠밤!!!+.+으아~!오늘 계속 소름돋네!진짜 짱!멋잇어요!ㅠ이거 라이브음원도 갠소하고싶어요!아..여기까지!ㅋ스포금지! 입이 근질근질 너무 멋있는 재밌는 무대들 한가득! +.+ 비밀!!! 쉿.

Translation: Waaa~!So this is how it feels to watch a concert from the standing area~!!+.+It seems like it’s totally fun?! Jumping!Jump!^o^ keke~At the moment super cool ‘Ben’-god has finished his rehearsal and Big bang have appeared!Tada!+.+ Ahh! Today i’ve been getting goosebumps all day!Really really cool!TT I want to share this live audio! Ah…stopping here!keke Spoilers banned! My mouth is itching~So many cool and interesting performances~!+.+ It’s a secret!! Shhh

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