[Vid] 111206 CS fuji kantamePOP – Se7en cut


by mayu7 @ farineli

English translation by @harder127 (click here)

Author’s Note: I wanted everyone to understand what he is saying because I think all lucky7 should know but I just summarized what the MCs were talking about.

SE7EN: Hello to Kandame Viewers. This is SE7EN.

After this is a special interview with SE7EN who has reopened his activities in Japan.

Kandame special interview! This time it’s SE7EN!

In Korea he debuted at 19 years old in 2003

With refreshing looks …. (*didn’t quite catch the words here… sorry*)

This SE7EN returns to Japan after 4 years in November with a release of an original Japanese single. There was a fan meeting that matched the event.

MC: It’s been 4 years since you came to Japan. What are you feelings right now?

SE7EN: Really 4 years has passed. Until now, all the fans have been waiting for me, I’m really thankful and happy.

He debuted in Japan in 2005. Within Korean artists, it was rare and he released 6 singles.

But  in 2007, he stopped his activities to prepare for America.

SE7EN: my last concert was on July 7th 2007.  4 years has passed

In 2007 before he left for America, we got to interview him. It was the first time with SE7En where we got to conduct an interview all in Japanese.

SE7EN: It was a dream. It was my dream from before to release an album in America. For such an opportunity to come I’m very happy. A chance to only debut, even that chance alone, I am super excited. For a lot of people around the world to listen to my music has always been my dream.

In 2009, SE7EN released his debut single with a famous American singer, Lil Kim. Wonder how his American experience was like.

SE7EN: I learned a lot in America. Like English and others. Since it was the first time for me to be in a different country alone, at the time I had a lot of feelings. There were also a lot of times where I was lonely.

MC: So your time in the US had value in your music?

SE7EN: of course. Since my genre of music has generally been R&B and Hip hop and that type of music was originally from America. So when I was making and recording songs in the US, I was learning a lot.

In 2010 SE7EN returned to Korea with a release of a mini album of Digital Bounce. Also in 2011, SE7EN has returned and opened up activities in Japan again.

MC: 4 years ago and 4 years later when you come back to Japan, what do you think personally has changed the most?

SE7EN : Airport

MC: airport?

SE7EN: Airport. Hanada. It has changed. It’s newer and prettier. Definitely times have changed.

MC: What kind of SE7EN has returned to Japan?

SE7EN: Definitely… I’ve gotten older.

MC: Older? What is that? You mean stamina?

SE7EN: maybe… stamina…From before my stamina has been weaker.

MC: When does that happen.

SE7EN: When I dance. It’s a little tiring. Singing while dancing, slowly it’s getting harder.

MC: Is that right

SE7EN: I’m kidding. I’m still fine. Since 4 years ago, my abilities improved, I have confidence about it now too.

to the SE7EN with confidence, we asked what kind of vision or future course does he have in Japan right now

SE7EN: I don’t really like deciding a future course and going towards it. I mean, you always want to change what you want to do right? Like, this week I might what to do this but next week I want to do something else. These situations happen right? Since the moment right now is the most important. So I’ll take each moment at a time and match those moment to match what I really want to do and do those things at my very best is my motto. Right now.. Today is music. I don’t know about tomorrow.

(MC Talk basically talks about how interesting and fun SE7EN’s fan meet was and how the Male MC got to host SE7EN’s last fan meet event before he left for America and did the fan meet MC for when he returned to Japan. When the Male MC was asked whether SE7EN has changed or regretted going to America, he said exactly what SE7EN said in the interview. Although it didn’t work out well it turned out to be a good learning experience. Stated that for Asians to break the wall in America is hard and mentioned that Rain was also pushing for American activities as well.)

(At the fan meet)

MC: This time is really amazing. The fans are right in front of you.

SE7EN: That’s why… hum this time, it’s been a while since I have had a fan meeting so I wanted to  “smaller” be with the fans.

MC: “smaller?” be with fan.

SE7EN: Closely. Closely. Right? Isn’t this great? Closely.

Yesterday I just came to Japan, and recently I haven’t used Japanese so right now I’m not fluent at all… I’m sorry.

(MC Talk also talks about how nice SE7EN was at the fan meeting. He very charismatic on stage and his Japanese was adorable. Mentioned about since his debut, SE7EN has never lip synched and at the fan meet he could hear SE7EN’s hard breathing. The interview moment was fun and the live was very charismatic.)

SE7EN also sang a song that we haven’t heard in a while his debut song, Hikari, at the fan meet. Even to the fans, the song that evoked various memories, the fan meet and SE7EN’s Japanese started warmly.


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