[News] Se7en to make comeback in January as only male solo artist

After a hiatus of 1 year and 5 months, Se7en will be making a come back in Korea as the only solo male artist, gathering attention as to whether he will start up a new trend.
This year, solo female artists such as Hyun ah, G.na, IU have been active but solo male artists have been quiet and it is forecasted that Se7en will stand up to represent solo male artists.
According to related persons, Se7en filmed the music video for his Japanese mini album on the 7th and the album jacket photos have all been shot already. As the preparation for the Japanese mini album comes to an end, Se7en will start the preparations for the Korean mini album.

Related persons revealed over the phone on the 7th that “Se7en will be releasing albums in Japan and Korea at similar times. After the album is released in Japan, we plan to release the one in Korea,” and “The albums to be released in Japan and Korea are different.”

Following Bi’s entry into the military, Se7en is practically the only performance-style male solo artist in Korea. As a result, there are high expectations that Se7en might set a new trend in the Kpop industry which has been concentrated on girl groups and sexy singers.

Se7en who has been active in Asia, will release a mini album in Japan on the 18th January which will be followed by a Korean album in mid January.

original article http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109328204

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