111203 – 1213 New Tweets

(1) 세븐도 출동준비 완료!!!^^ “@jinuSEAN3000: 지누션 오늘 6시 출동” http://yfrog.com/z/nxh7bgaj

Translation: Se7en has also finished preparing to set out!!^^ “@jinuSEAN3000: Jinusean will set out at 6 oclock today

(2) (retweeted by Dongwookie) YEOLBONG: 열봉이벤트!! 오늘내일 저희대표님이 출똥~ 하시는 YG콘서트인거아시져? 공연티켓을가져오시면 12월한달동안 10%D.C 이벤트를하겠습니다~ 공연도보고 식사도맛나게 드세요 와쥐~ 베베~🐔

Translation: Yeolbong event!! Everyone knows that our representative is coming out today and tomorrow at the YG concert right? If you bring your concert ticket with you, we will give you a 10% discount for the whole of December~Watch the concert and also have yummy food~YG~

(3) 오늘 콘서트 보러와주신 많은분들 그리고 우리 럭세~!! 너무너무 고마와요!!! 칠봉이 많이 보여서 좋았어^^ 내일도 달리자!! 화이팅~~ Love yall~❤

Translation: To everyone who came to the concert today and our Lucky Se7en~!!!Thank you so so much!!It was really good to see so many chilbongs^^ Let’s do it for tomorrow too!!Fighting~~ Love yall~❤

(4) YG FAM CONCERT 2nd ROUND!! LOVE THIS PIC!!! Unforgettable… YG DA BEST!!! LOVE YALL~~❤ http://yfrog.com/h2jr9palj

(5) 2003 se7en VS 2011 se7en 나도 저땐 참 풋풋했었지… 하하 Ps. 승리야 앞으로 영배가 괴롭히면 형한테일러라!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/hwejluj http://yfrog.com/hsca7fboj

Translation: 2003 se7en VS 2011 se7en~ I was quite young and fresh then…haha Ps. Seungri ah~From now if Youngbae bullies you, come to  hyung!!^^

(6) [I’m especially translating this to show what an angel he is <3)

gofl7333: @officialse7en 오빠ㅠ 티켓을 시골집에놓고왔어요…무조건입장일된데요..친구2명것까지 저한테있는데..아 진짜 어떡해요?ㅠㅠ미안하기도하고 공연도못보고ㅠ대처좀 마련해주세요…나중에이런일있을애들을위해.,저 펑펑울었어요….

Translation: Oppa TT I left my tickets at home in the countryside..They said there is no way I can get in..there are 2 friends with me here..ah really what should I do? TT I’m so sorry to them and we can watch the concert TT Please help us find a solution…for people also who will come across this problem in the future..I’m cried so much..

(she sent dongwookie and taeyang multiple msgs)

officialse7en: @gofl7333 신분증 있으면 가능할텐데요… ㅠ

Translation: If you have your ID card it should be ok… TT

gofl7333: @officialse7en 무조건안된데요 오빠ㅠㅠ

Translation: They said there is no way that we can oppa TT

officialse7en: @gofl7333 쪽지확인!!!

Translation: Check your message box!!

gofl7333: @officialse7en 입장줄섰어요ㅠㅠ 오빠 진짜감시해요ㅠㅠ

Translation: We’re lining up to go in TTT Oppa really thank you so much TT

(7) YG FAM CONCERT !!! 와주신 모든분들 사랑합니다!!❤ 쎄쎄븐앤 티오피~ We out!!! http://yfrog.com/g01elaoj

Translation: YG FAM CONCERT!!! Everyone who came I love you!!❤ Se-se-ven and T.O.P.~ We out!!!

(8) (retweeted by Dongwookie) YEOLBONG: 🐔열봉이벤트!! YG패밀리 콘서트 공연티켓을가져오시면 12월한달동안 열봉 전 매장에서 10%D.C 해드립니다!!^^ Bring YG family concert tikets to YEOLBONG store.. u can get 10% off!!🐔

Translation: Yeolbong event!!! If you bring your YG family concert ticket with you we will give you a 10% discount for the whole of December at all Yeolbong restaurants!!^^

(9) 7 new pic!!! http://yfrog.com/gz81753115j

(10) 日本!!! se7en’s japan new single [ANGEL] is on itunes!!! YEAH~~!!! [First 2 words means Japan]

(11) OVER 300.000 followers!!! Thank u Guys so much~ Ill do ma best!!! All ma fans~ LOVE YALL~❤ HOLLA~~~~~~ http://yfrog.com/z/nt35iumj

(12) 오랜만에 밤샘촬영… 아싸 완전 힘들다!!! ㅋㅋㅋ 날씨가 갑자기 너무 추워졌오 ㅠ 정신줄놓은지 한시간째 우헤우헤우헤헤~ 다들 굿모닝!!!

Translation: First all night shoot in a long time… Assa it’s so hard!! keke The weather suddenly got so cold TT It’s been an hr since i’ve lost my senses~Woohewoohewoohehe~ Good morning everyone!!

(13) 아… 이틀밤샘 촬영.. 우아아 춥고 졸립고 배고프고 힘들다아… 나도 이제 나이가…?? ㅎㅎ

Translation: Ah… all night shoot for 2 days..woo ahhh i’m cold and sleepy and hungry and having a hard time…I’m getting old..??hehe

(14) SE7EN/New Mini Album『SOMEBODY ELSE』2012.1.18 in stores http://ygex.jp/se7en/discography/

(15) 7 new pic!!! [SOMEBODY ELSE] http://ygex.jp/se7en/discography/ http://ameblo.jp/ygse7en/entry-11102185752.html

(16) 비몽사몽~ 답멘대란 끝!! 뱅기 출바알~~ 부우웅~~~~~~!!!! 모두모두 즐거운 한주 되세요^^ 알롸뷰❤

Translation: I’m half asleep~ Finished with tweeting replies!! The plane is taking off~~~Booo~ung~~!!! [Think he was trying to imitate the sound of the plane taking off] Everyone have a good week^^ I love you❤

(17) 日本の 잡지 촬영중~ 폴라로이드 프레젠또~!!!^^ [SOMEBODY ELSE] http://yfrog.com/odnrlyoj http://yfrog.com/mg8wjrxj

Translation: Shooting for magazine in Japan now~ Presenting polaroids~!!^^ [SOMEBODY ELSE]

(18) 세붕이랑 코붕이!!! 으하하하하하하하하하하~ 요고요고 재밌네^^ http://yfrog.com/z/nvdsaloj

Translation: Sebong and kobong!![ko means nose in korean] eu hahahahahahahahahahaha~this this is fun^^

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