[News] Se7en to appear as a 1-day judge on SBS Kpop Star

Some very special guest judges are about to appear on SBS’ Kpop star – they include Se7en, Psy, Kangta, Donghae from Suju and Kim Tae Woo.

On the program, the contestants who have passed the initial round spend some 1-on-1 time with Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young and BoA as well as the special guest judges. Each of the 3 judges are carrying out the auditions in their own separate rooms. The purpose of this so that the judges will be able to see the contestants sing and dance more closely so that their strong and weak points can be seen better.

Although most of the judges gave the contestants encouragement, YG’s room drew attention because of scolding from Mr YG. To contestants who did well, he praised them to the extreme but to those who did not do so well, he showed his ‘scary sajangnim’ side.

Se7en, who was a special guest judge in the same room as YG created much laughter when he said “Sajangnim doesnt look at appearance, so I will check out the contestants’ looks”

This episode of Kpop Star will be airing on the 25th December.

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