Photo with Japanese DJ + bits and pieces about radio interview

photo from DJ Keiko Imaizumi (twitter/blog) from FM Yokohama

On her blog, she talked about how it was her first time meeting him again 5 years. Back then, there was no Kpop storm and that he had studied Japanese hard and was able to do interviews without an intepreter. She wrote that he would be releasing a new mini album on the 18th January who would include the Japanese version of Better Together. They joked about heelys and she found that he was still cute like he used to be.

He also recorded a radio show for TBS (to be broadcasted on the 25th December) with DJ 佐藤麻衣 (twitter). She took questions from fans on twitter which she asked on the show. She said that they spoke alot and had some ‘deep’ conversations.

Thanks to tip off by Take a break with SE7EN

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