111217-1225 New Tweets

(1) 한국은많이춥나봐 일본은오늘따뜻하네 맛있다는라멘먹으러왔는데 줄서서30분기다렸다 으악.. 맛없기만해봐라..!!!😡 라고 쓰는도중 라멘이 나왔다 으흐흐흐 맛.있.다^^

Translation: It seems that it’s very cold in Korea but it’s warm in Japan~I came here to eat yummy ramen but i waited in the queue for 30 minutes euuakkkk…I was writing ‘You dare to not taste good..!!!’ but then the ramen came..hehehe.. it. is.delicious^^

(2) 아까저녁에방에들어와서씻지도않고나도모르게깜빡잠이들어버렸다가지금깨버렸다아악잠이빨리다시와야할텐데으앙😱

Translation: Just now in the evening, I came back to my room, didnt even shower and fell asleep without knowing~I just woke up now~ackkkk~I need to fall asleep again soon *sob*

(3) 잠이안와서 이번 일본신곡들 듣고있는중!! 아 이거 내가부른건데.. 분명 내목소리맞는데 왜이리 달달한거야 ㅋㅋ 자기전에 듣기 참 좋은노래^^ “[UNDERSTAND] いまさら…” 딱 한달남았다^^ 01.18 release!!!

Translation: Because I cant fall asleep, I’m listening to the new Japanese songs!! Ahhh these songs are sung by me..it is really my voice but why does it sound so sweet kekeke~they’re pretty good songs to listen to before sleeping^^ “[UNDERSTAND] いまさら…” Just one month left^^ 01.18 release!!

(4) 한국도차악!!! 날씨가 쌀쌀~ 12월답구나!!! 추운날씨지만 모두 연말을 따뜻하게 자알 보내자구우~ 그리고.. 딱 한달만 기다려봐봐봐!! 후훗!!!^^

Translation: Arriveddddd in Korea!!! The weather is chilly~~feels like December!! Even though it’s cold, everyone have a warm year’s end~~and…just wait one more month!! hoho!!^^

(5) 해외갔다오면 더더욱 생각나는 열봉찜따악🐔 역시 맛나는구나아~~ 냠냠 PS. 사진은 어렵게 발견한 열봉베이비~아 기여워^^ @YEOLBONG http://yfrog.com/nzpy6lj

Translation: When I come back from overseas, I think of Yeolbong steam chicken more~it indeed tastes good~~*saliva swallowing sound* PS the photo is of the Yeolbong bear which I found with difficulty~ahh cute^^ @YEOLBONG

(6) 양싸장님!! 이제 저 그만 감시하시죠!!! 어쩐지.. 그동안 형이 나에대해 너무 많은걸 알고있다했어!! 쳇… http://yfrog.com/z/gyqpaurj

Translation: Yang sajangnim [referring to mr YG]!!It’s time that you stop watching me!! I knew it… all this time, I thought that hyung knew too much about me!!chhhet…

[Note: This is a capture made by a fan who uploaded on farineli. The video is from 2003 during one of the weeks he got no. 1 for come back to me on music camp (I think it was in may hehe). In the video, Dongwookie was thanking different people such as God, mr YG and his dad. However, there is a typo on the screen. It is meant to say ‘The people [I] want to thank” -which is gam sa ha neun sa ram. But instead it says ‘The people who are watching me’ – gam si ha neun sa ram. LOL]

(7) Merry christmas🎅!!! Hope u hva gooood day Everybody!!!🎄 peace!!!

(8) 딱 한달 남았다!!!

Translation: Just one month left!!!


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