[Audio] 111225 Mai’s Asian Wave (Japan radio) + translation/photo

111225 麻衣的亜州電波 Mai’s Asian Wave

from Take a break with se7en

There is a transcript of the interview in Japanese on the blog, here are some translations of what was said but I’ll leave the transcript translation for someone else.

First of all, DJ Mai Sato introduces Se7en’s background – about how he entered YG during middle school, how he debuted with Just Listen in 2003 and how he has been active in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan etc.

She asks him how he feels holding the fan meet in Japan after so long and he says that he is really happy that so many people waited for him and that he enjoyed it very much.

She mentions the chilbong and also about how she saw him live when she was in Taiwan in 2005-2006.

She asks him if there is anything that surprised him from all the countries he’s visited. He says he is surprised that Kpop is popular is some countries where he has never visited. When he goes to those countries and finds that there are lots of his fans there, he is really surprised. She asks him to give him some examples and he says Singapore, Thailand and China.

She asks if there are any difficulties he experiences when he visits different countries in Asia. He replies that although he performs alot in summer, he found it very very hot. He says he thinks it was in Singapore, when he performed outside and it was 31,32,34?degrees, he had to perform 6-7 songs but after 3 songs he couldnt breathe properly. He says it was the first time he experienced such a feeling and felt like he wanted to die.

She asks but isnt it hot in summer in Korea also? He replies it is hot but he hardly needs to perform outdoors in Korea. In Singapore, he says after the performance, him and his dancers went backstage and …died (laughs). They couldnt do anything for 20 minutes and just kept drinking water.

She says, I didnt know you were such an interesting/funny person. He replies, I’m not usually like this, i’m usually even more funny. She says, oh, even more funny? And he says, I’m just joking. She suggests that he should appear on some Japanese variety shows and he says he will work hard.

She says that on the program, guests usually recommend a song to the audience and asks what song he is going to introduce to the listeners. He replies although it is a Korean song, it is sung by a Korean singer who he had seen when he was young and thought “I want to become a singer.” He says that he is his idol and the singer is Seo Tai Ji. He says that Seo Tai Ji and boys was a group and his boss Yang Hyun Suk was a member of the group.

She asks if mr YG was young then and he says yes, of course. He says that mr YG was younger than he is now and danced really well. Although he himself is better now (laughs). They introduce the song “Nan arayo” (I know)

The song is from 20 years ago and when Seo Tai ji and boys first came out, everyone was shocked because they were the first such team to appear in Korea. He says that he always tried to copy their dance moves and that he still has their videos at home. This cd was the first cd he bought with his own money in his life. Then he thought about it and said that actually he didnt have money to buy the cd so he actually bought the cassette tape. Listening to his everyday, his dad felt sorry for him and bought him the cd.

They talk about the mini album that he is releasing in Japan next year and he says that he picked his favourite tracks to be included in the album. He says there are 5 new songs which were recorded in Korea. He introduced ‘Angel’, saying this was the song he made for his fans, coming back after 4 years. After playing Angel, they talk about the YG concert in Japan and how everyone from YG will be performing. He says that that everyone needs to come, that they can’t not come.

She asks if he can come on the show again and he says, no, i’m busy in January. Then he says, I’m kidding, if you invite me I will come again.

DJ Mai Sato also uploaded a short account of her experience with Dongwookie and said that he didnt seem like a superstar when she met him. That he was humble and had many expressions and was even a bit nervous at the beginning.

He was appear on the show again next week where he will talk about his relationship with Rain during school and his days in the US.



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