New photos and blog post from Ameba

Brief summary of the post:-

Se7en’s weekly corner every wednesday on FM Yokohama starts today (28th December) and will continue til March

A bit about what Dongwookie did in Japan a few weeks ago is revealed. He started off with a magazine shoot but since it’s been 4 years since he has done a magazine shoot in Japan, there was a bit of a nervous atmosphere.

As the shoot continued, the atmosphere became more relaxed when he spoke to the staff in Japanese. While the set was changed, he discovered an old magazine of himself from 5 years ago “Who’s this?????” Even though he was a bit embarrassed, until the set change had finished, he read through the article.

He then did the interview for the magazine and talked about the last 4 years, his thoughts towards his fans, about ‘Somebody Else’. Especially worth a mention is that he said when he first heard ‘Somebody Else’, he wanted to use the song for the comeback in Japan. After he finished that day, he went to the restaurant called Yeje curry restaurant which he likes to have dinner


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