111228 – 120101 New Tweets

(1) OH YEAH!! RT“@frog799: 어제까지 달력 판매량이 6300장~그럼 기부 금액이 7560마넌 ㅎㅎ여러부운~1억 함 만들어보아요 흑 도와주세요~http://www.firstlook.co.kr/?p=108810””

Translation: OH YEAH! RT @frog799: Up til yesterday, 6300 copies of the calendar has been sold~so the amount which I will be donation is 75milllion 6 hundred thousand won hehe~Everyone~ let’s make it 100 million together~ heuk~please help~http://www.firstlook.co.kr/?p=108810

(2) RT @YEOLBONG 열봉뉘우스🐔 드디어 이화여대앞!!! 이대점에 열봉이오픈합니다!!! 31일 본사직영 9호이대점 오픈~ 주소)서대문구 대현동27-4 2층 http://t.co/s1Ddvxd7

Translation: @YEOLBONG Yeolbong news~finally in front of Ewha university!! the Ewha university branch is opening!! On the 31st [December] Yeolbong’s 9th branch will be open~ the address is Seodaemun gu, dae hyun dong, 27-4, 2nd floor

(3) 2011년 마지막날!!! 모두들 뜻깊은 하루 보내길!! 2012년엔 모두가 행복하고 온 세상이 아름다워질수있는 한해가 되길 기도합니다!! 아멘!! Happy new year!!!

Translation: The last day of 2011!! Hope everyone has a meaningful day!! I pray that in 2012 everyone will be happy and that it will be a year where the world will become more beautiful!! Amen!! Happy new year!!

(4) 반가웠어 열봉아!!^^ “@YEOLBONG: 꺄악~~🐔 쎄븐오빠 이대점 오픈식 방문!!! 우아앗~~~~~^^ http://yfrog.com/mgffpgjj”

Translation: It was nice to see you Yeolbong ah!!^^ “@YEOLBONG: Gyaaa~~Se7en oppa came to the Ewha branch’s opening!! Woooahhh~^^

(5) 럭키세븐 여러분~ 2012년엔 더더욱 열심히!!! 여러분들과 더 가까이 함께할수 있는 한해가 되었으면 해요!! 난 완전 준비되어있다구~~ 너희도 슬슬 몸 풀어놓으시지^^ Happy new year~ 알롸뷰❤

Translation: Lucky se7en~~In 2012, I will work harder!!! I hope that it will be a year where I can spend time with you guys more closely!!I’m totally prepared~~You guys also start warming up^^ Happy new year~ I love you❤

(6) Respect!!! “@followjyp: 나와 원더걸스가 미국시장에 도전하지 않았다면 JYP는 돈을 훨씬 더 많이 벌어 난 (cont) http://tl.gd/f2qcmd”

Translation: Respect!!! “@followjyp [followed by a long tweet by JYP about why he chose to take Wondergirls to the US. Here is a shorter version by JYP in english – http://www.twitlonger.com/show/f2qg4p%5D

(7) RT @YEOLBONG 드뎌!!! 드뎌!!! 열봉찜닭이 10호점이 오픈합니다 2012년1월5일 대학로CGV앞에 오픈합니다!! 정말사랑해주셔서 감사합니다!!! 새해복많이받으시구여 건강하세요 맛으로보답하겠습니다 피스~🐔 http://t.co/7NyF48Df

Translation: Finally!! finally!! Yeolbong steam chicken is opening its 10th branch on the 5th January in front of Daehangno CGV!!Really thank you so much for the support!! Happy new year and be healthy! We will repay you with good taste! Peace~

Bonus tweet

@DjMurf_Official: Celebration for 2012 wt @officialse7en @Realtaeyang and Jinu hyung!! Happy New Year Everyone!!!

And Bonus photos

Here are some photos from Se7en dc gallery of him visiting the Ewha branch


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