111228 Hallyu Pia Magazine interview (Japan)

http://t.pia.jp/interview/music/se7en.jsp (please excuse me if there are some mistakes)

[Skip the introductory paragraph about how he debuted and what he’s done since then]

Q: So you are resuming activities in Japan after 4 years. Hallyu Pia will report it but, you performed live on the 6th November at Akasaka Blitz

A: Because it was the first performance in Japan for a long time, I really enjoyed it. I thank everyone who waited 4 years for me and my heart is filled with gratitude.

Q: The opening song was your debut Japanese song ‘Hikari’. The last song was se7en’s representative song ‘Passion’. Your song choice was quite cunning [??smart?]

A: Because Hikari is my debut song, it is the first song I think of. You missed it right? I missed it too

Q: During this live performance, you revealed the song ‘Angel’ which will be part of your upcoming mini album ‘Somebody else’ to be released on the 18th January. When I heard the song, I felt that the lyrics reflected your thoughts.

A: Because it really has been a long time since I’ve had activities in Japan, I wanted to give my fans a gift and so I chose this song. I’m comparing my fans to angels. Although I sang the song with gratitude, did I deliver my message across? Because it’s the first time I sang the song, it’s a song that everyone didnt know. So rather than enjoying the song, I think many fans concentrated on the lyrics and the melody.

Q: On the 3rd and 4th of December, you performed at the YG family concert in Seoul. When you performed with TOP, you kissed him.

A: hmmm, well…it wasnt bad (laughs)

Q: Big bang’s Seungri copied your whole outfit you used for your debut song “Come back to me”. How did you find it?

A: It’s a song from 2003. Many memories from when I debuted came back to me. Because I was 18 then, I was young and fresh.

Q: So you’ve become an adult now.

A: I’m still a long way off.

Q: For ‘Passion’, you performed with Jinusean

A: It was a joint stage with sunbaes who I like who I havent performed with for a long time. It was a first performance for Jinusean after 4 years. They have the most experience but they were also the most nervous. “What to do? What to do? What should I say? I cant talk because i’m nervous, you talk!” (laughs)

Q: So this is the attractiveness of the YG family concert.

A: Everyone within YG family has a good relationship with each other. It’s hard to get so many good artists together making good music. Because everyone from the company gathered together, we gave each other strength. With so many singers working together, it was alot of fun. The people performing had fun and the ones watching also had fun.

Q: In January 2012, the YG concert will be held in osaka and Saitama. Have you guys prepared something special?

A: ho ho ho, it’s a secret (laughs). Buy a ticket and come watch! You will if you come!

Q: As a performer, what would you say the attraction of the YG family concert would be?

A: The different performance that we will show you – the joint performances, what we havent shown before.

Q: To you, what is ‘YG family’ to you?

A: It really seems like my family. The relationships between the guys are really great. A family which has gathered because of music.

Q: This is the 15th anniversary of YG entertainment, did Mr Yang Hyun Suk say anything?

A: Although he didnt say anything, I feel that he is always watching over us. It’s as if he’s saying “I’m glad everyone grew up here”

Q: You will be releasing a new album ‘Somebody Else’ on the 18th January, please say something to your fans

A: Thank you to my Japanese fans who have waited for me til now. Since ‘Somebody Else’ is an album which I have made after a long time, I really put alot of work into it. Please listen to the songs carefully, look at the lyrics and understand what they say. I hope you can hear ‘my voice’. From now on, I hope to find the people who I could not meet and meet them.

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