A-ticket magazine interview (Japan)

Note: I’m sorry about the not so fantastic translations but this is what i can manage -_-

Special interview 1

(here are his answers translated)

– It was the first fan meeting after a long time, 4 years, and i felt good. Japanese fans treated me warmly so i was very happy

– When I lived in the US, it was the first time I lived by myself. I studied a new language and culture in a new country away from my family and friends. It felt like I was studying abroad? (laughs) Because it was different in how you dealt with people in the US compared to Korea, it was hard until I actually got used to it, but it was a good opportunity for me to be able to study a new culture.

-(Question was related to US single ‘Girls’) Producing songs with super producers and artists in itself was a big lesson. I think I learnt how to express myself a bit more freely and in a more varied way. Recording here didnt feel like work to me because rather than treating it as ‘work’, they made it more like play and the environment more free.

– I thought they were so great that they could work on such things in such a relaxed way. For me it was a very meaningful 2 years. Although I left my korean, Japanese and other fans waiting for so long, and I felt so sorry to them, but I think it was good to gain more experience when you are young.

– I think I became an adult (laughs). Although I learnt a new culture and language, I also learnt how I should express myself in my music. I was able to learn alot.

Special interview part 2

– (Sorry not sure what the question meant, just know it’s something about Somebody else and growing up) That’s right! It wasnt the Se7en from before but the new Se7en who spent time in the US and upgraded almost to ‘Eight’ (laughs). I got upgraded there

–  (Q: It seems that you are now even able to express the nuances in Japanese through your songs) This album i wrote lyrics too~ [I think that’s what he said!] ‘I’m going crazy’ and ‘Better Together’ were songs from the ‘Digital Bounce’ album from Korea last year. Because the songs are good, Japanese lyrics were written for these songs with the intention of giving everyone a gift.

-(About Angel, Somebody Else, Understand) These 3 songs were new songs made for Japanese fans. ‘Understand’ is one song that I really like. Because the 3 songs are all of different styles, I think it will be interesting because you will be able to feel different styles and different Se7ens.

– (About ‘Understand’) I worked hard. It seems like I turned into an adult? (laughs) Because the lyrics are good, when I recorded the song, it was not hard to express the emotion in the song. I took less than one hour to record ‘Understand’ and my voice came out the best because of this simple and beautiful melody.

– (About ‘Better Together’) It’s a strong and fancy track (laughs). It has an electro mix sound and was released in Korea last year but after over a year, listening to it now, it still sounds good. Maybe we released the song in Korea too early? (laughs) Even though the track is the same as in Korean, with Japanese lyrics, I think it has its own attraction

– (Not sure about question) I worked hard. (laughs) Although I didnt have much activities with this song in Korea, everyone tells me they like the song

– (About how good his Japanese is) No no, I’ve forgotten alot (laughs). Even now, it’s not coming out (laughs). When I sing, I have confidence but when talking, i have a bit of trouble. I came to Japan just this morning so at the moment I havent gotten used to speaking Japanese yet. So much i dont know (laughs)

– (About the lyrics of the upcoming mini album but not sure exact question) Yes, that’s how the lyrics are like. For example for the song “Somebody else”, even though the melody is bright, the lyrics are sad. Even though it’s hard to explain, I sang it with the thought of helping the people who are in such situations as the lyrics in the song, to heal and become healthy. The song has this message “This person doesnt have to like me, but can like someone else too”. haha i just thought of this now

– Yes, it’s to show how I have changed and how Se7en’s music has changed. I want to hurry and get close to everyone through events and concerts. I want everyone who waited for me for a long time to know my thankful heart. I will be coming out in front of everyone. Even though it’s been 4 years, didnt everyone end up liking ‘Somebody else?’ If you did, then be careful (laughs) but please write that I forgive them too (laughs)


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