Details of ‘Meet Se7en in Person’ event – Tokyo/Osaka

The YGEX points which can be obtained from buying the first versions of ‘Somebody else’ will be needed to join in this special event


Date: 28th January 2012

Venue: Tokyo Dome City Laqua Garden Stage

Time: 14:oo, 16:30

1 YGEX point is needed to join the handshaking event and 2 YGEX points is needed to take photos with him (2 polaroid shots). If you would like to shake hands and take photos with him, you will need 3 points. When taking photos, no pause will be allowed between the 2 photos.

On the day of the event, from 10am,  tickets will be given out in order to the people in the queue. Tickets will be handed out at the 2nd floor Starbucks of Laqua. Tickets are limited, first in first serve.

Albums will also be on sale at the venue but because copies are limited, it is advised that you order your albums in advance.


Date: 29th January 2012

Venue: Senri Serushi 1F Serushi square

Time: 13:00, 16:00

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