120108 – 16 New Tweets

(1) Osaka!!! It was Greaaattt time w U guys!! きよつけて かえてください!! めっちゃ すきやねん!!!♥ あしたも よろしく!!! Peace!!!

(2) おおさか!!!!!!!!!!!!! ありがとうね~~~~ きよつけて かえてください~ また あいましょう!!! めっちゃ すきやねん!!!♥ GOOD NIGHT!!!

[Only can get half of it: Osaka!!!! Thank you~Let’s meet again]

(3) NAGOYA!!! make some noise~~!!!

(4) 날씨엄청춥네요… 오늘오시는분들 옷 따뜻하게 꽁꽁싸매고 오셔야합니다!!! 이따봐요^^

Translation: The weather is really cold..To everyone who’s coming today, dress warmly and zip up!!See you in a bit^^

(5) 오늘 많이 추운데 오랜시간 함께해준 우리 럭세들!!! 한분한분 모두 너무 고마워요!! 덕분에 간만에 아주 멋진 작품하나 나올꺼 같아요!! 나 한번 믿어봐요!!^^ 이번활동 신나게 같이 함 달리자구!!! 알롸븅❤

Translation: It’s really cold today, to our Lucky se7en who stayed with me for such a long time!!! Thank you to each and every one of you!!Thanks to you guys, it seems that a really cool movie will come out!!Trust me once!!^^ Let’s get going with this album’s activities together!!I love you

(6) 아 이제야 잘수있다!!! 몇시간 자고 또 내일 요렇게 한번 더… 힘은들지만 희망이보인다!!! 모두 븐모닝!!!^^❤

Translation: Ah now i can sleep!!! I sleep for a few hours but need to do this again tomorrow one more time.. Even though it’s hard I can see hope!!! ‘Ben’morning everyone!!^^

(7) SE7EN japan new mini album [SOMEBODY ELSE] D – 3 Get ready!!!


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