120114 Fan account of MV filming (2)

By 정규면돼 @ farineli

I’m at the jjimjilbang now after finishing the filming of the MV~Today was like a daebak fan meeting! Really, being so close in front of him for so long was like a dream~Seeing him up close, his eyes were beautiful~so good looking~he looks the best in real life~Before the filming, he came to talk to us, take photos and shake hands~

When we were filming we were also close to him~It still seems surreal that I was in front of him for so long~In the middle when the film set was being prepared, we went indoors to wait~he was like telling us to sing and teasing us that we were tone death lucky se7en~keke it was really funny~Anyway today was the best!

By 동욱아메롱 @ farineli

I’m at the jjimjilbang now~I was planning to write this when I got home but coz there’s nothing to do now, i’m going to write it now~Actually, evne though I always want to write a nice account, I always cant seem to remember~I write about what happened after the first lot of people left

After the first filming, the waiting time was long, so we went inside the hall to wait~We went in and were told to sit and so we sat~ on the stage!!! keke~ Oppa walked off the stage and onto the floor~So he said he was a fan and held a chilbong~He massaged his neck and joked around~keke He told fans to sing and teased that they were tone deaf~It was like a mini fan meeting!

That’s it! It’s the same as other people’s right? Sorry but my memory is really bad

By 세븐만믿어 @Se7en DC gallery

[This is just funny exchange]

I went to the MV filming and was in the front row~

I said Oppa, it’s my first time seeing you and he said, really?

Then i replied, yes, first time this year!

Then he looked at me with this wth expression~kekekeke


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