120114 Photo + Fan account of MV filming (1)

photo by 정규면돼 @ farineli (this is at the end of their filming)

Account by 깍두기세븐  @ farineli


First of all, it was the best keke

Although i’ve been to concerts and different shows, today was the BEST!!

People who didnt come really missed out!

So high and I feel so good!

I arrived at about 7 oclock! The filming kept being delayed…then SE7EN APPEARED!

As expected he shone…his looks..

Our lucky se7en, is it because we have aged…even when he appeared, everyone was quiet.. kekeke~ Although oppa might have wanted some loud cheering keke, nearly all the fans there were over 20 kekeke~ When he appeared, he used his eyes to scan all the fans~He said to everyone that it’s been a long time but i dont know if he said that, really remembering everyone

I thought that oppa would come and quickly leave, but he stayed for over 30 minutes~ (we were waiting inside the Ax hall on the 2nd level)~He talked about this and that and then fans asked when his comeback was, whether his title song was a dance track or ballad, about the concept of today’s MV etc but he said that it was secret to most of the questions asked.

About the comeback, he said that a mini album will be released on the 1st February. Haha but i dont trust it keke~ my prediction is that it’s going to be delayed keke~

When asked if there was going to be a kiss scene in the MV, he said that there would be 6 kissing scenes~I dont really trust him kekekek~looking at oppa’s MV up til now, he hasnt had such an MV and the camera director today seems to be from the La La La MV~ (I trust that he will film a beautiful MV)

And also our lucky se7en unexpectedly just kept looking at him calmly keke~and oppa seemed to be a bit embarrassed (?)~when we asked to take a photo with him~ we ended up taking photos with him in groups of 10~I sat next to him for the photo and he shook hands with people one by one~~

But then I was shocked~Looking at oppa’s facial features from the side, i was so shocked..his eyes, nose and mouth..they were all big~there was like no blank space on his face~~I couldnt see his cheek on the other side of his nose~after the ‘fan meeting’, oppa finally went~

Maybe it’s because oppa felt sorry for delaying the filming time, he prepared bread and drinks for us~hehe~filming had not started even at 8 oclock and we ate the rice cake and fish cake which was prepared for us (i ate the fish cake twice)

Finally we started filming! wahahhhhhhhhh oppa jjang!! His clothes, hair, sunglasses..everything looked good! And the poster for the album looked good! I thought that I would be able to hear the new song today but Somebody Else korean version was played while filming instead

When it was about 10:30pm, fanstaff unni said whoever needs to leave first can go~So my friend and I left first~Thank you fan staff unni, se7en oppa who were considerate enough to let ppl go first

After we left, apparently they filmed a 2nd time~

Translated by Cecilia


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