Fan account of MV filming (3)

Report of Se7en new MV recording

I think I had the coldest but yet most unbelievable evening of my life. Going at a concert is one thing, being in front of an artist you love and joke with him is another thing.

Anyway, I’m pretty bad at doing fan report, because my mind is always going everywhere and remembering this and that. As usual, I will just put my memories as they are, no logical order sometimes, just things that got me smiling crazy when I think about it.

I arrived around 6, we went in around 6.45 and then go upstairs around 7. The fan staff was really sweet, and they gave us hot pack, coffee, food and stuff. Taste bad so. SORRY I’M FRENCH AND PICKY ABOUT BREAD AND COFFEE. That’s it. Lol

I don’t remember how much we waited but I kept watching at a little screen control of the room next to ours and I could see what he was filming, random scene of him walking through a door and walking while being surrounded by fake bodyguards, fake photographs (One of them was damn funny we talked to him for ages outside, I gave him my hot chocolate, he was cold.), and fake flashlights.

He finished and from downstairs said hi to us, I wasn’t expecting much after that and updated my twitter, girls around me were like “ooooh” so I looked and BAM he was in front of my face. He came to greet us and talked with us. Since we were two foreigners he talked to us, asking us where we came from and all (I’m from France, the second girl was from Brazil didn’t talk that much with her.) I don’t remember well, he stayed with us for 20 minutes probably more, answering questions and all. Then we all took pictures with him, and we shook hand. Most strange moment of my life : he was talking to me in English, but my mind was blank so I kept answering in Korean, he still understood so it’s okay (lol at picturing myself talking French, Diane, Grace, you know what I mean lol)

Then we had food, and I met a new friend known as SoulBom on twitter, since that moment we stayed together and god damned it was amazing but we had so much fun. Then… I don’t remember, but we stand in line, and usual awkward moment when the fan staff had to say my family name (Italian name yep) so I told them to just say my name. It was and wasn’t a mistake since she remembered it really really well, and when outside we were waiting to get in place, she came, told my name sweetly and then “we need foreigner in the front come with me” BAM I was at the very front. Then we start filming, so the scene was like Seven going out through the door, us screaming, waving and him being… Like a boss. At that time he waved at us, and shook some hands (mine too since I was like the first person in sight) tons of time. I washed it already don’t worry I’m not a psycho lol.

I don’t really remember it was a bit the same, we did that scene like 15 times, and outside, -5°C. We were cold, he was cold. OH YEAH CRAP I FORGOT TO MENTION THE PERFECTION WALKING DOWN ! Perfection usually called Gong Minji lol she came to support her favorite opaa and passed in front of me, she wasn’t wearing hot clothes, damn you little maknae ! So later Seven gave her a hot jacket, I was jealous lol at a time she looked at me from afar and I wanted to say “yes you saw well Minji it’s me indeed” but I would have sound like a stalker lol with @SoulBom we went to the fan staff (after the recording of the first scene) to ask if we could talk to her, I swear this woman is so sweet, she was like “sorry you can’t” but when Minji passed next to me, the fan staff woman screamed my name for me to see Minji lol ♥

Then we waited, outside, and I think Seven didn’t want us to wait in the cold weather so he guide us into a little concert hall (and right there I was right beside him like a good pupil) and made us sit on the stage and he went downstairs and spoke with us for a while. I tried to teach us Japanese, and sorry to hurt your feelings everyone, but his English isn’t that great really. When asking if Brazil was hot all the time he was like “Brazil, summer always ?” Cute, but… Cute ! At one point he asked me if I was cold, I answered him I was about to die, he laughed, my death would have been because of you dear Mister Choi, and he asked me if France was cold, I answered and that’s it. LOL it was so random. He said my Korean was good so… Fuck you exam results, Seven said I speak Korean well, that’s the best A+ ever yeah.

I can’t recall more now, it was also a lot of eye contacts, little talking like “be brave” and stuff, oh yeah ! At a moment, he went in my direction, and the girl next to me Sung Mi (hi new friend :D) and we said “we’re cooold” and he grabbed our hands to warm up our hands, but he was cold too so… But god damn freaking cute !

Now everything is blur… Just the fan staff, I really love them, particularly one of the woman who’s there for every YG event. I don’t know who she is (I used to call her 2NE1 babysitter because we saw her a lot with the girls in the first season of 2NE1TV), but she’s so cute and sweet ! When I left she said my name and “see you next time !” ♥ TT I love you you know ♥ lol

Coldest night of my life, but so amazing memories. The me that was waiting for the university letter last year couldn’t have imagine that kind of moment in Korea !

AND OMG SASU I’M SORRY ! I forget the “coucou Se7en coucou !!!” TwT

And no picture, i didn’t want to be kikcked out.


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