120116 – 26 New Tweets

(1) 으아 하루가 엄청길구나… 아직도 갈길이 멀다ㅠㅠ 하지만 피곤함 보다는 기대감이 더 크기에 끝까지 힘을 내어봅니다!!!^^ 모두들 븐나잇!!!

Translation: woo ah today’s a really long day… there’s still a long way to go TT But because i’m looking forward to it more than I’m tired, let’s gather strength til the end!!^^ Everyone ‘Ben’-night!!

(2) 끝났다아!!! 모두 븐모닝~~ 나는 븐나잇!!!

Translation: Finisheddd!! Everyone ‘Ben’-morning~~ It’s ‘Ben’ – night for me!!

(3) WOW~ “@mingkki21: 대박이네~^^후덜덜~~역시 캡숑울트라븐사마의 위력~~ㅎ “RT @yg67: #se7en http://bit.ly/x6ZkZy 세븐, 日 4년공백 무색…예약판매 차트 1위””

Translation: WOW~ “@mingkki21: This is daebak~^^wow~~cool ultra ‘Ben’ sama’s power~~ hehe “RT @yg67 #se7en http://bit.ly/x6ZkZy Se7en, No. 1 on preorder charts in Japan despite 4 year hiatus””

(4) Se7en 日本 New Mini Album 『SOMEBODY ELSE』リリース記念イベント決定! #SE7EN http://ygex.jp/se7en/live/120128.html

Translation: Se7en Japan New Mini Album ‘Somebody Else’ Special event commemorating release #SE7EN http://ygex.jp/se7en/live/120128.html

(5) D-DAY!!! Se7en Japan new album [SOMEBODY ELSE] Released!!! きよう はつばい!!! たくさん きいてください!!! PEACE~!! http://yfrog.com/hw4zczxj

[Part of that Japanese part says, Please listen to the album lots]

(6) ぼくも かったよ~~!!! HAHAHA~~ http://yfrog.com/od2z2idj

Translation: I bought it too~!! HAHAHA

(7) Japan おふぃしゃるぶろぐ Ameba http://ameblo.jp/ygse7en/ http://yfrog.com/z/ocyfimbj

(not sure what this means)

(8) RT @YEOLBONG ヨルボンチムタク🐔が 日本に行きます! YG family concert in Japan さいたまスーパーアリーナ!! “ヨルボンチムタク丼”を 皆さんに初披露! たくさんの方のご来店を お待ちしてます~http://ameblo.jp/ygse7en/entry-11140042256.html

Translation: Yeolbong steam chicken is going to Japan! YG family concert in Japan Saitama Super arena! Yeolbong steam chicken deobbap will be revealed for the first time! We wait for many people to come visit us!

(9) さいたま!!! いきましょう!!! Let’s do it~~ http://yfrog.com/h79y6ymdj

Translation: Saitama!! Let’s go!! Let’s do it~~

(10) YG fam 15주년 콘서트!! 한.일 7회공연을 모두 마쳤다.. 함께해준 많은 팬여러분들 너무나 감사드리구요~너무 즐거웠답니다^^ 우리 또 만나요!! Ps. 오사카콘 대기실에서 쎄쎄븐앤 티옵히~~ One!!!! http://yfrog.com/g0t6iwoj

Translation: YG fam 15th anniversary concert!! Korea/Japan 7 concerts have all finished…Thank you to the many fans who did it with us~I enjoyed it alot^^ Let’s meet again!! Ps. at the Osaka concert dressing room se-se7en and T.O.P.~~One!!!

(11) 오예~^^ “@Pjh79dancer: 시부야의 큰음반가게 세븐CD sold out 기분이 좋구나~^^”

Translation: Oh yeah~^^ “@Pjh79dancer: Se7en CD is sold out at Shibuya’s big cd store~it feels good~^^”

(12) 일본방송 녹화중!!! 썸바리에엘~~~~~~~~s w HI-TECH http://yfrog.com/es9zdvj

Translation: Recording a Japanese show!! Somebody El~~~~~~~se w HI-TECH

[He went on a tweet spam last night!! here are just some highlights i picked]

(13) goni7: @officialse7en 쎄쎄쎄븐!! 오늘 내 강아지 しゅな 생일이에요🎂 네 살이에요✨ 개는 안되요??(U •́ .̫ •̀ U) 축하해주세용♡ 부탁해!!멍멍🐶멍멍🐶 p.twipple.jp/J6UC9

Translation: se-se-se7en!! Today is my puppy’s birthday~4 years old~is it not possible for a dog???(U •́ .̫ •̀ U) Please wish him/her a happy birthday~please!! mong mong~mong mong (dog sounds)

officialse7en: @goni7 카오리 강아지 생일 축하해요!!^^ 멍멍~~ 우르르 멍멍 월월~~ 우~~~ 월월월~~ 으~~ 멍멍멍!!!!!!!!

Translation: Kaori puppy happy birthday!!^^ Mong mong~~ woo reu reu mong mong wol wol~~ wooo~~~wol wol wol~~eu~~mong mong mong!!!!

(14) bb_v_vip: 해주면천국으로날아갈것같아요

Translation: if you give me a mention, i think i’m going to fly to the heavens

officialse7en: @bb_v_vip 너 천국으로 날아갈까봐 못하겠다 ㅡㅡ

Translation: I cant give you one because i’m scared you might fly to the heavens ㅡㅡ

(15) dlwnaldud: @officialse7en 내까쓰메~너를아늘랭~

Translation: My heart…wants to embrace you [lyrics to Passion]

officialse7en: @dlwnaldud 뜨거운가쓰메 거덩?!!!!!

Translation: It’s ‘Hot heart’!!!! [corrects her wrong lyrics]

(16) v____ip00: @officialse7en 열봉안가고 안동찜닭가는수가있어요 무섭찌?

Translation: It’s possible that I’m not going to go to Yeolbong but go to Andong steam chicken instead~Scared? [Andong steam chicken is a competitor]

officialse7en: @v____ip00 헉

Translation: HEUK

(17) hanishoney: @officialse7en 아저씨! 아저씨! 아! 저!씨! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation: Ahjussi! Ahjussi! Ah! ju! ssi!!!!!!!!!!!!

officialse7en: @hanishoney 오빠라고!!!!!!!

Translation: I’m telling you it’s Oppa!!!

(18) jellyjiyong: @officialse7en 오빠탑오빠랑몰래사귀죠….. -___-

Translation: Oppa, you’re secretly dating TOP oppa arent you…-___-

officialse7en: @jellyjiyong 헉

Translation: HEUK

(19) 아~ 이제 그만 자야지^^ 모두들 좋은꿈꾸고 잘자요~ 이제 생일인사람 아니면 프로필이나 사진 세븐만!!! 답장해줄꼬야!! 손가락 넘아파.. ^^ G.nite!!!

Translation: Ah~~ I’m goign to sleep now^^ Everyone sweet dreams and sleep well~From now, if it’s not your birthday, only for people with se7en in your profile pic will I reply you!! My fingers hurt alot..^^G.nite!!

(20) helloim_IH: @officialse7en 까짓껏 하트 하나만 날려주고 가여..

Translation: If you just send me a ‘heart’ [like the heart you make with your hands], I will go…

officialse7en: @helloim_IH 쉬운남자 아니다!!!

Translation: I’m not an easy guy!!!

(21) kyung523: @officialse7en 죽기전에 오빠 멘션 받아볼래요ㅜㅜㅜ엉엉ㅠㅠㅠ안 보내주시면 제가 지금 인셉션 보고잇는데 제가 오빠의 꿈의 꿈의 꿈 속에 나타나서 10년동안 괴롭힐꺼에요ㅠㅠ

Translation: Before I die I want to receive oppa’s mention TT Eung eung TT if you dont send me one, i’m watching Inception now..I’m going to appear in the dream of the dream of oppa’s dream and bully u for 10 years

officialse7en: @kyung523 이건 꿈이야!!!^^

Translation: This is a dream!!!^^

(22)모두 잘자요^^ Peace~

Translation: Everyone sleep well^^ Peace~


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