IMPORTANT – Se7en Comeback Project

[SE7EN COMEBACK PROJECT] print “ALWAYS WITH YOU SE7EN” take a photo then email to BY JANUARY 31th 2012

Project by Se7enthailand

Note: @_kasy_ from Se7enthailand and I will be in Korea trying to deliver this to Dongwookie personally. I know there’s not much time but please try to participate!!



8 thoughts on “IMPORTANT – Se7en Comeback Project

  1. この場を借りてSE7ENの日本のファンの方達に上記の内容とSe7enThilandのFacebookの内容を合わせて日本語で簡単にお知らせします。(Ceciliaさん、いいですよね?)

    A4サイズの紙に“ALWAYS WITH YOU SE7EN”と書いて、自分が好きなシンプル、又はメチャクチャ凝ったSE7ENへのメッセージといっしょに撮った写真を1/31迄にに送るSe7enthailandのプロジェクトです。始まったばかりなのに〆切が迫っていますが、@_kasy_ さんとCeciliaさんが直接ドンウク氏に届けてくれるそうなので、みなさ〜ん、急いで応募して下さ〜い!!

    • ありがとう

      • Hi, Cecilia,
        Actually, that was a rough translation of your post above. I took a liberty of letting that know to his Japanese fans. I hope you didn’t mind… ^ ^ (I guess you didn’t as you asked me to do so in your comment, right? Hope that’s what you were trying to say. ^ ^;;;)
        P.S. It’s amazing that you’ve been translating all those Japanese articles into English only through the help of 번역기! 너~무 대단해요~!!! Cecilia 씨가 한 번역은 아주 자연스러워서 그런 것은 하나도 느끼지 않아요. 근데 혹시 도움이 필요할 때가 있으면 언제든지 알려 주세요~. ^ ^

      • lol i speak korean and english and chinese but not japanese
        japanese actually translates quite well into korean
        yeah that would be great, i dont really konw japanese fans and i cant speak japanese

  2. Already sent mine! Cecilia have fun in Korea and PLEASE send all of our love for Se7en! He has to know that he still has us by his side ^^ Can’t wait for your updates~ 

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