120118 – 0202 Me2day updates (incl vid)

(1) 오늘 일본 새 앨범 [SOMEBODY ELSE] 가 발매되었어요^^ 우앙!!! Japan official blog : Ameba s.ameblo.jp/ygse7en/

Translation: Today my new Japanese album [Somebody Else] was relaesed^^ ooo wahhhh Japan official blog Ameba s.ameblo.jp/ygse7en/

(2) YG fam 15주년 콘서트!! 한일 7회 공연을 모두 무사히 마쳤다 함께 응원해주신 팬여러분들 너무 고마워요!!! 세븐의 새앨범 기대 많이해주세요!!! 사진은 오사카 콘서트장에서 쎄쎄븐앤 티옵히!! Im out!!!

Translation: YG fam 15th anniversary concert! The 7 concerts in korea and Japan have all finaished, thank you so much to everyone who cheered us on!! Please watch out for Se7en’s new album!! The photo is from osaka concert’s dressing room~se-se7en and TOP!!Im out!!

(3) 안녕??? 그거알아!!?? YG 어플리케이션이 나왔어!!! 모두다 다운받아서 우리 YG 가수들 소식과 사진과 영상들과 모냐그….. 암튼 이런저런 거 다 있으니까 자주 이용해줘^^ ㅎㅎ 안녕~~

Translation: Annyeong? Did you know?? that the YG application has come out!!!Everyone download it with all YG se7en’s news, photos and videos..anyway it’s got everything so use it lots^^ hehe annyeong~~

(4) Se7en with JYP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpDLtqVjcJw

(5) [SE7EN] 드디!어! 세븐 뉴 미니앨범 예약판매 오픈!!!http://www.ygeshop.com/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=930 2월 1일 세븐 뉴 미니앨범 발매! (SE7EN NEW MINI ALBUM)

Translation: [SE7EN] fin.al.l.y!!Se7en new mini album preorder open!!! http://www.ygeshop.com/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=930 Se7en new mini album to be released 1st February!! (SE7EN NEW MINI ALBUM)

(6) [내가 노래를 못해도] 뮤직비디오 촬영현장!!! 아주 잠깐 카메오 출연을 위해 달려와준 착한 내동생과 함께!!! Love u GD!!!!! Ps. 뮤직비디오 오늘밤 12시 개봉박두!!!!^^

Translation: [When I can’t sing] At the music video filming site!! Together with my kind dongseng who came to make a very brief cameo!!!Love u GD!!! Ps. Music video will be released at 12am tonight!!^^

(7) No.1 !!!!!!!! 국내 음원차트 뿐만 아니라 US아이튠즈 R&B 차트까지!! 너무 너무 감사합니다 여러분~!! 사랑해요!!

Translation: No. 1!!!!! Not just on the Korean digital charts but also on the US Itunes R&B chart!!!Thank you so much everyone~!!!I love you!!

(8) ‘내가 노래를 못해도’ 언제나 내 곁에 있어줄 여러분들을 위해 열심히 준비한 앨범. 어떠셨나요? 멋진 곡과 뮤비 보여드리는 것 외에도 여러분과 함께하는 재밌는 일을 여러가지 생각 중이에요! 기대 해 주세요!! 앨범 발매기념!! 여러분과 뭘 하는게 재밌을까요? 시작은 좋았지만 아직도 고민 중..

Translation: ‘When I can’t sing’ is an album which I prepared hard for everyone who will always be by my side. How was it? Besides showing you cool songs and MVs, I’m thinking about several ways to be able to spent some fun times with everyone! Watch out for it!!Celebrating the release of the album!What would be fun to do with everyone? The start was good but i’m still deciding..

(8) 뭘 할까 한참 고민 끝에 드디어 결정!! 이번 주 주말 세븐이랑 영화 보고 싶으신 분들!!

Translation: After thinking for some time about what to do i’ve finally decided!!! Who wants to watch a movie this weekend with Se7en!!!

(9) 오!!! 반응 장난 없는데? 조금만 기다려봐요! 좋은 소식 들고 올게!!

Translation: Oh!!!! The response is no joke? Just wait for a bit!I’ll bring good news!!

(10) 세븐이 직접 준비한 야심찬 기획!! LUCKY DAYZ 프로젝트!! 그 첫 번째 이벤트 드디어 공개! ‘세븐과의 MOVIE DATE‘! 자세한 사항은 링크 클릭!! http://me2.do/ID7kMd luckyse7en@ygmail.net 로 신청해줘! 모두 읽어 볼게!!!

Translation: The ambitious event organised directly by Se7en!!LUCKY DAYZ project!!! Releasing finally the first event!!’ Movie date with se7en’! For details click the link! http://me2.do/ID7kMd  Apply via luckyse7en@ygmail.net!! I’ll read it all!!


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