[News/Interview] Se7en: After 10 years filled with passion, only my true heart remains

‘Even if I lose everything/Even if my popularity drops/Even if I can’t sing anymore/Even if I have another occupation/Just for the reason that I am me, can you continue to love me?’ (Se7en ‘When I can’t sing’ lyrics)

About 2 years passed. Rather than saying that it was a big dream, I got the answer was that he wanted to enjoy what he liked doing.  Se7en is honest to himself. He says that if he likes something, he will say he likes it, and as long as he enjoys it then it’s ok. He had been living life to the max in this naturally.

Before he knew it, he was at the end of his twenties. Everything is filled with uncertainty. His new album is both his diary and a record of his imagination of his emotions of this last stage of his twenties. This time, Se7en uses the keyword ‘True heart’ as the centre of the stories he tells. They are traces of his thoughts and opinions over the past 10 years where he went through his prime up til the present.

‘It’s been a long time since I have performed in Korea so it feels good. In the past, I’ve received lots of help from Yang sajangnim (YG) and others. This time round because it’s an album which I made myself from beginning til the end, I am even more happy.’

This new song by Se7en which he has released after 1 year and 4 months has moved not only the hearts of listeners but also fellow singers. This is because the emotional melody which can even melt [hearts] in this cold winter and the sincere lyrics has connected with people who listened to the song.

Se7en wanted to show people the ‘real’ him. As a result, in order to draw the emotions that he felt as much as possible, the many people who took part in the album emphasised ‘naturalness’. Only when one can’t sing can the emotions of the song be brought out and JYP worked hard at drawing the ‘true heart’ of Se7en by emphasising emotion.

Although JYP and Se7en collaborating created a big issue, the song was made to match Se7en. Instead of extravagant choreography and clothing, he used song to express the words that he wanted to say the most in the situation that he is facing now.

‘Did you know that how I appear on the screen is not my all/Did you know the image of myself filled with confidence makes me more insecure’. Because the song is sung by Se7en, who has maintained popularity for 10 years, many people have been able to relate to the song.

He debuted with the song ‘Come back to me’, with a flower boy appearance and received lots of love moving on the stage with heelys and using his whole body to make the number ‘7’. He became engaged in overseas activities and became the big brother of YG entertainment. Fellow singers have identified with the song as Se7en, who has had a brilliant era revealed his heart with this song.

‘I heard that this song was almost sung by Son ho young. (Park) Jin Young hyung said that he wrote this song 2 years ago but I was the one who approached him first about working together on the song. I’m grateful to Jin Young hyung who said that this song had finally found its owner. The direct and simple lyrics actually made the song better. There are really alot of people who can relate to the song. Even if the word ‘popularity’ is removed, isnt it a song many people can identify with?’

‘The difference between YG and JYP? Well, I think both are good companies where you can learn lots of things. If I really have to put it down to something, Yang sajangnim is the type where he lets me do whatever I want and just stands in the back and watches over you whereas Jin Young hyung is the type that gives you suggestions for everything.Even though the styles are different, I’ve tried to put my colour into it.’

About his new song ‘It’s not a topic that I’ve thought about but after singing the song, it made me think alot. Rather than feeling insecure about it, it’s more about trying to feel what might happen one day. I am the type of person that thinks ‘Well it’s going to happen one day’ and accept it. Because more than anything, i started because I liked music and dance. ‘



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