120205 Inkigayo recordings + live show

I keep delaying writing this account because so many things happened and I dont think I can jot them all down. Actually I think I’ve forgotten many things already so here comes my best attempt.

Got to SBS at around 7am and was standing at the car park entrance. A white van just happened to enter but we didnt think it was him at first. But Kasy thought that it was him because she saw his side profile as he got off the van and later on the ahjussi at the entrance said that Se7en had already arrived.

So we started queueing up and I was luckily moved up to no. 15 since 2 people were late/didnt come. They handed out the fan chant (I had already practised them the night before!) and everyone started to practise.

Here are the 2 banners which were hung across the road

At 9 something they finally started moving us into the hall for the pre recording. I was lucky to be able to make it to the front row of standing. When we entered, the stage was set up with various screens playing his old videos so I guessed that he was going to record When I can’t sing first. The SBS guys ran through a few things and the PD(?) even started singing the song as he ran through the camera angles etc. It was quite amusing. Then not long after the main man appeared – Mr. Choi Dong Wook! 🙂

When he appeared he looked all serious and concerned. He greeted everyone and said ‘It’s cold isnt it?’ As you have seen from the broadcast, he starts off by singing the song on a platform, so he got on the platform which rose to the starting position. He started the rehearsal and they blew some fake snow at the song started. Even before he started singing I was feeling anxious already since this was my first time in 6 years watching him perform live. The song started and after the first few lines with the background vocals and the first verse started with just his voice and accompaniment, my tears just started falling. The emotions just came rushing at me and I couldnt stop. The impact of hearing his voice sing was so overwhelming. After the first part, the platform he was standing on was lowered and he walked down some steps to the middle of the stage. But as it was a rehearsal, he stopped after awhile to talk to the PD. You could tell he wanted everything to be perfect and he was just picking on everything. For example, when the platform was lowered, the first time it jolted to a stop before he walked of it. But later he decided that before it got to the bottom and jolted, it would be more natural for him to step off it while singing and go down the steps naturally. Also, he wanted to have the video in the front to just have JYP by himself and not the one with him also (well that didnt end up happening) and another big issue was the floor which he complained about being slippery (it got mopped many many times). During the rehearsal he sang the song and danced the last part in one go without stopping but later on the dance part at the end was shot separately without dancers.

Now after the rehearsal, because fans reacted to his triple spin at the end, playfully he did the triple spin again and knelt down, sliding to the end of the stage. But in doing so, he hit the edge of the stage and broke a piece of wood off. The look on his face!!! priceless! A mixture of disbelief, embarrassment but hidden with an exaggerated surprised look~ He got up and him and the dancers retreated to the back while that part of the stage was being fixed.

Next I dont know in what order things happened. The ‘highlight’ was when his pants ripped. At first it only ripped a bit on one side but later on it ripped on both sides on his inner thighs. lolllllll so he went to change his pants and re recorded some parts for it.

At one part while he was up on the platform and waiting for music to start, he was trying to warm up and loosen his voice by singing various parts of Somebody Else. Because it was so random, some people laughed and he said dont laugh. Naturally as he sang Somebody Else, fans started doing the fan chant. He was like ‘Who made this up?Come out!’ Then he continued to sing the next part where the fan chant was ‘one, two, three, four, five, six, se7en’ but fans got it totally out of time and we were laughing at ourselves. So he goes ‘Just dont do it~the beat is not even right~I knew that you guys wouldnt be able to get it right’ (Everyone laughs) ‘How should we do this?’ Then he tries to show us where to come in and asks us to try but everyone is hesitant and it’s a bit all over the place. So he says again ‘Dont do it dont do it then’ and after awhile, he tries to explain again on which beat to come on and this time finally everyone manages to get it right and everyone’s like ‘wooooooow’

Then he said ‘Even if it’s not meant to be like this, just do it like this’~ Then i think someone yelled out to do it again and he says ‘So noisy…’ but he sings again anyone and this time the fan chant is much stronger and we even continue to the ‘Somebody Else’ part in the chorus. He says ‘Ohhh you guys’ pitch today is pretty good’ and everyone laughs and cheers

He was apologising I think to the staff for taking so much of their time for recording (it really was recorded many times) so fans were yelling, it’s ok, we like it! And he goes, no not you guys~

After the recording for When I cant sing finished, we all went out and came back 30 min later for the 2nd recording but had to wait really long for it. We finally went in at 12 ish and were seated for awhile first while they finished setting up the stage for Somebody Else. When he came out everyone cheered. Firstly it was rehearsal first and the sparks were not set off first. I really screamed so hard for the fan chant it’s not funny. My voice still hasnt totally recovered 3 days later. While waiting for the filming to start, he was singing lines of the song again and after the first verse, everyone yelled out the fan chant which was ‘Choi Dong wook’ and in reply he said ‘it’s oppa’

He said also that during the recording for When I cant sing, his mouth was itching to talk but he held it in because he wanted to capture the emotion of the song.

Somebody was recorded quite a few times as well. They kept saying taht’s it but he kept coming back

When all that finished, we went out and had a bit of a break. I returned at 2:30 though to wait to get into the live show. During the live show when he came out for the interview but because only the 33 people were allowed in, I really tried to cheer as loud as I could. I think I screamed louder during the live show compared to the recording. When it was his turn to perform, he came out on the stage and danced with his dancers. He let his hair down back to the When I cant sing look and wore the same clothes except he changed into the white jacket he had on for Somebody Else. I think it was a bit of pride as a lucky se7en, with so many other fans of different singers there, just wanted to make sure he was getting lots of cheering, so I really screamed so hard. In Somebody Else, he changed the choreography a bit in the middle and used his finger to point at all the Lucky se7en ahhhhh

At the end when they were announcing mutizen, he totally went off to one side and nearly disappeared behind.


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