[Fancam+account] 120210 Autograph session at Times Square, Yeongdeungpo

by Dasomeee

by to. 행복 @ farineli

by 얼어버린홍시븐 @ se7en dc gallery


He arrived a bit late at about 7:15 (??) wearing a suit~~wooooooo~ He greeted everyone and said that he just had a new album out. He didnt say much but before signing, he picked some numbers (our number tickets for the autograph session) who got special valentine’s day baskets. The ones who got picked went up on the stage to receive their presents. Not long after he started signing and all the time I was still thinking, what should I say to him? Finally it was my turn and I said to him ‘This time coming to Korea, I’ve already cried 3 times because of you’ and he’s got this smile on his face and says while signing ‘Well then you’ve got 4 times left’ (to make it 7 times) keke~Witty response!kekekeke~ He reached out to shake my hand but I asked if I could do it with 2 hands and I held up my hands (like in a high 5 pose) and ‘shook’ his hands heeeeeeeeeeeee

Fortunately my friends had a good spot and we kept watching him sign for the rest. Every now and again he would turn and pose for the cameras with cute expressions 🙂 At the end, he was saying bye and fans yelled out for him to sing. He said the background music was a bit noisy but he sang a bit of When I cant sing accapella. He walked off the stage and shook a few people’s hands before heading for the carpark

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